VDT launches high performance digital video recorder

Video Domain Technologies (VDT) has announced the launch of the new MemoCam DV-800 range of digital video recorders.

May 17, 2007
By David Howell

Video Domain Technologies (VDT) has announced the launch of the new MemoCam DV-800 range of digital video recorders.

The DV-800 is compact, single channel system that stores high quality images on one 4GB SD memory card. The unit is ideal for a wide range of covert security, surveillance and video recording applications. It has been selected as a finalist at the IFSEC 2007 awards in the product innovation category.

The DV-800 is available in the standalone configuration or GPRS version. Each version of the recorder can be used to deliver high quality photographs to meet evidential standards. The unit has been developed for deployment in situation where a full CCTV camera network can’t be justified because of a low visitor numbers. As the unit has no mechanical components it can be used in remote situations, as it requires little maintenance.

The unit connects to a standard analogue CCTV camera and captures a programmable series of digitised still photographs when triggered by an event. Alarms can be activated by external triggers as well as advanced, integrated video motion detection, which enables specific areas of interest within the picture frame to be defined.

The images that are stored on the unit’s SD memory card can easily be examined by a computer or other SD card reading device. Alternatively, the GPRS version, SMS notification can be sent to any GPRS enabled mobile phone while time and date stamped JPEG images can be emailed as attachments for access using any Internet enabled PC or PDA.

Weighing 690g and measuring just 153mmx140mmx43mm, the MemoCam DV-800 is firmware upgradable to support releases of higher capacity mini SD cards including the soon to be launched 8GB version.

Clive Mason, managing director at VDT said: “The compact DVR provides users with a cost effective way of achieving high quality covert event-driven recording for a wide range of applications. It consolidates Video Domain’s reputation as one of the world’s leading developers of innovative security systems.”

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