Top officer stays on leave after fifth bullying allegation

Police Scotland’s chief constable is facing a fifth bullying complaint.

Nov 13, 2017

Police Scotland’s chief constable is facing a fifth bullying complaint. It is understood that the latest allegation against Phil Gormley – reportedly by a civilian worker – has been sent to the Scottish Police Authority (SPA). Mr Gormley, who stepped aside in September after the second complaint, has been accused of bullying with three of the complaints passed to the independent Police Investigations and Review Commissioner (PIRC), while a fourth is being considered internally. He took a leave of absence to help the PIRC examine the alleged grievances. The first allegation was made in July – reportedly by Superintendent Graham McInarlin with two more arriving from Assistant Chief Constable Malcolm Graham and Inspector Aimee Canavan. A fourth allegation of gross misconduct came in October. The former deputy director of the National Crime Agency, who was appointed to the force’s top job in December 2015, has denied all allegations, intending to resume his duties. Deputy Chief Constable Iain Livingstone has taken over leadership of Police Scotland until further notice. The SPA board has, however, decided to allow his period of ‘extended leave’ to continue – rather than suspend the officer – to allow the investigations to take place. The overseeing body will review this again by Friday, December 1. A spokesperson for the SPA said: “The SPA board has reviewed its prior decision to grant a period of leave of absence requested by the chief constable and whether any other measures are necessary. “The board has assessed and agreed that a continuing period of leave remains an appropriate measure to address investigative and welfare issues for all parties involved.”

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