Suffolk police first to use online intelligence gathering technology

GB Group has launched a powerful web-based intelligence gathering and
tracing tool, GBAccelerator IQ Online. The tool draws on information
available as ‘open source’ reference data, enabling investigators to
narrow down known locations of key suspects in any investigation.

Jul 12, 2007
By David Howell

The product helps to confirm the most recent address for suspects using GB Group’s powerful National Register database, which includes up to 15 years of historic electoral roll data as well as a wealth of telephone directory, UK address data, mapping and aerial photography for over 80 per cent of the UK.

With so many potential addresses to check to determine the whereabouts of suspects – particularly in large investigations – GBAccelerator IQ Online can save police forces valuable man-hours and cut down the time it takes to make an arrest.

Suffolk Police has become one of the first forces to utilise the technology. The advantages of GB’s IQ intelligence tool were realised in the recent conviction of Timothy Cox, a global paedophile ringleader. GB’s IQ tool was utilised as part of the investigation, and was able to provide key details relating to the individual, his family, and business interests.

Detective Inspector Phil Boswell from Suffolk Police said: “IQ Online has saved us hundreds of man hours which would have been spent physically checking names against addresses. The range of data contained within IQ, combined with the increased confidence in accuracy provided by daily, weekly and monthly updates of key data, is an extremely efficient way of building intelligence in order to facilitate targeted action. Accurate intelligence gathering and address verification is key in an investigation of any size, it makes officer time far more efficient and can make a vital difference.”

IQ Online isn`t the first time that GB Group technology has been used by police – an earlier product famously helped police identify M25 “road rage” killer Kenneth Noye.

Chris Prescott, Strategic Account Manager for Government at GB Group added: “Technology as advanced as GBAccelerator IQ Online can play a huge part in modern day policing. Providing a central repository for the disparate range of open source data available and giving it an easy to use interface means the time and effort it saves can free officers to concentrate on different aspects of a case. Before engaging in targeted action, such as visiting an address, accurate intelligence is key – calling at the wrong address even once could be a huge mistake – having a suspect name but no address can be equally as frustrating.”

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