Specialist resources to support volume of ‘disorder, damage and violence’ on Bonfire Night in Scotland

Police Scotland is to devote specialist resources to tackle the rise in crime that typically occurs during the week of Halloween and Bonfire night.  

Oct 15, 2018
By Serena Lander

Specially-trained officers will be deployable to all policing commanders in the North, West and East of the country to support local officers in “the event of any serious incident arising”.  

Police Scotland said last year officers across the country experienced high-volumes of calls relating to disorder, damage and violence. This included an incident in Edinburgh where an officer was injured after a firework struck her and other emergency service workers being targeted. 

Assistant Chief Constable Paul Anderson explained that each local division was still responsible for the planning and deployment of their officers, “but has the reassurance of having specially-trained national assets at their disposal in the event of any serious incidents arising”. 

He added:  “What we want to make it clear to our communities that the level of disorder witnessed last year cannot and will not be tolerated. 

“Members of the public saw their vehicles and other items of property destroyed and emergency service personnel were the victims of attacks that put their safety and wellbeing at serious risk. 

“To prevent similar incidents arising this year, a range of specialist police resources have been earmarked to provide additional capabilities to local policing teams throughout the country. 

“Police Scotland is committed to protecting the public, as well as our own staff, and the benefit of a single force is the ability to call upon specialist resources and officers to support local policing.” 

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