Senior MPS officers dismissed for gross misconduct

Two senior officers from the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) have been dismissed for gross misconduct after “appalling” behaviour towards junior members of staff.

Jan 17, 2022
By Tony Thompson

At a misconduct hearing which concluded on Sunday (January 16), Chief Superintendent Paul Martin was found to have breached Standards of Professional Behaviour, amounting to gross misconduct, in relation to honesty and integrity, orders and instructions, duties and responsibilities, authority, respect and courtesy, and equality and diversity.

The breaches related to, misusing a corporate credit card, conduct towards more junior members of staff including a pregnant colleague and failing to declare a conflict of interest while assisting in a promotion process for Chief Inspector Davinder Kandohla.

Chief Insp Kandohla was also found to have breached the same standards as a result of failing to declare a conflict of interest while taking part in his own promotion process, providing a misleading account to professional standards officers during an investigation into expenses he had claimed and conduct towards junior members of staff.

Both officers were dismissed without notice.

MPS Commander Catherine Roper said: “The behaviour demonstrated by these officers has no place in the Met. It is right they have been subject to a detailed and thorough investigation by the Department of Professional Stanards, resulting in a misconduct hearing and the subsequent sanctions.

“Three of the officers were of a leadership rank and should have been setting a strong example for the standards we hold in the Met. Instead they abused their trusted positions; in particular in the way they spoke to and treated more junior members of staff was appalling. This behaviour will not be tolerated by anyone in the Met and we will continue to investigate and hold to account those who act in this manner.”

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