PSNI trials new uniform design

The Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) has unveiled a new-look uniform that it will be testing during a three-month pilot.

Oct 19, 2020
By Tony Thompson

Chief Constable Simon Byrne said 150 officers from a range of operational positions and locations were taking part in the three-month trial of the new style uniform, which began today (October 19).

He added: “The current uniform has been in existence since the formation of the PSNI, and, as a consequence, it is right that we should look at how effective it is almost 20 years on.

“It is important that we equip our frontline officers with professional, modern workwear, which is fit for purpose, that’s why we are reviewing how our uniform remains practical and comfortable, in support of our officers as they perform their duties. In developing the new uniform options we have listened to feedback from frontline officers and the Police Federation.

“Our officers work at the heart of communities and, therefore it is also fitting that we listen to what communities think during the pilot phase.

“As part of the pilot, we will also be working with policing and community safety partnerships to host a number of engagement events across Northern Ireland and engaging with a number of key internal and external stakeholders.”

In June, the PSNI unveiled a proposed rebranding of the force insignia featuring the crest alongside the words “Police Service NI”. However, there was a negative backlash from unionist politicians and some officers over the exclusion of the full words ‘Northern Ireland’ and the new design was ultimately withdrawn.

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