Police legal database site wins national IT award

An innovative website developed in West Yorkshire by the Police National Legal Database team has picked up a national IT award.

Jul 14, 2005
By Keith Potter

.The Commissioner denied saying the officers concerned should be `hung out to dry`. He was also concerned that the veracity of the female complainant was questioned despite the fact that she was not a witness at the hearing.

The Commissioner described the remarks that were at the centre of the case as gratuitous and Islamaphobic, and pointed out that they had never been denied.

He said he felt sorry for the officers involved as they had been deeply hurt by a process that was antiquated and “entirely broken, as had other officers who had been involved in long running disciplinary related processes.”

The three officers involved in the case had appeared before a disciplinary panel in 2001 and found guilty of inappropriate behaviour, but the panel ruled there should be no further action; they were later cleared on appeal by Assistant Commissioner Tarique Ghaffur.

However, the tribunal was told that Sir Ian found the panel`s decision “extraordinary” and sought legal advice about having it overturned.

The employment tribunal chairman, Ian Pritchard-Witts, ruled that the force was justified in suspending the officers during the investigation, but that Sir Ian’s intervention was unlawful. He said: “We take the view, using his [Sir Ian’s] own words, that white offices were to be hung out to dry. He prejudiced the matter.”

The three officers won their case for racial discrimination against the force and, following the announcement of the tribunal’s findings, a spokesman for the force said: “We are disappointed with the outcome of the employment tribunal but will give careful consideration to its findings.

“We have and will continue to challenge instances of what we believe to be inappropriate or discriminatory behaviour.”

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