Police in Spain seize record nine tons of cocaine

A drugs find among boxes of bananas is reportedly the largest ever haul in a single shipping container in Europe, Spanish police believe.

Apr 26, 2018
By Nick Hudson

Six people have been arrested  by the Cuerpo Nacional de Policía at the southern Spanish port of Algeciras after officers seized a record nine tons of cocaine.

Such a haul would have a street value up to £349 million in the UK, according to drug information service DrugWise. 
Two of the suspects were detained in Lyon, France, one in Algeciras and three in Malaga. 

In a statement, customs officers said the container was imported by a Colombian company on a ship coming from the Colombian port of Turbo. It was last inspected by police on Sunday (April 22).

As Spain’s busiest cargo port and the ‘main entry’ in Europe for cocaine, some 101 million tons of shipments passed through Algericas in 2017. 

Last December police seized £60 million worth of cocaine in the same port.

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