PFEW granted judicial review on police pay

The Police Federation of England and Wales (PFEW) has been granted a judicial review into “the Government’s failure to act on police pay recommendations”. 

Jan 25, 2019
By Neil Root

The review against the Home Secretary will examine whether the decision to go against the independent Police Remuneration Review Body’s (PRRB’s) findings was a joint Government resolution and not his decision alone. 

The PRRB recommended a pay increase of three per cent in 2018. However, in July, the Home Secretary announced that the pay of officers was to be increased by just two per cent. When the loss of the previous year’s one per cent non-consolidated ‘bonus’ was taken into account, officers effectively received just one per cent difference in their pay packets from September, with many getting £2.50 per week more.  

The PFEW had recommended a 3.4 per cent increase “so that officers could be paid fairly for the dangerous job they do after years of austerity”. 

It formally lodged the legal proceedings into “the lawfulness of the Government’s decision to ignore the recommendations of the PRRB for the second consecutive year” last October. 

PFEW chair John Apter said at the time that “we must have confidence in an independent pay review system” and the Government ignoring the PRRB’s recommendation “undermined the whole process.” 

Mr Apter said on Thursday (January 24): “We welcome this positive news and will now be working hard to prepare and plan for this important issue which is crucially important to our members, 

“Our members do not have industrial rights so it’s important they know we will stand up for them and fight their corner. It was only right that we legally challenged the process and the unfairness as doing nothing was simply not an option.” 

The review is likely to be heard this summer. 

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