Panasonic announce fast iris recognition system

Panasonic has released their next generation iris recognition system —
the BM-ET200. The unit has a small footprint and is aimed at
stand-alone scanning positions as well as large-scale organisations.

Jun 28, 2007
By David Howell

The unit also has a USB port for the secure transfer of the iris data once it has been captured.

With quick processing capability, the new BM-ET200 can ­capture and identify a user in 0.3 second, to ensure users can be identified quickly and accurately.

The unit has also improved its ease of use, as head position isn’t as crucial as it once was on previous devices.

Audio help is also provided to aid the user, which is available in 14 different languages.
With a false acceptance rate of just 1 in 1.2 million, the BM-ET200 can restrict and monitor access with high precision.

It provides flexible system architecture that can be adjusted to suit users of different heights, for personal identification and is ideal for a range of applications such as Airports and entry/exit control for warehouses, head offices and hospitals and secure buildings such as police station secure units.

The BM-ET200 recently won Best New Access Control Product At IFSEC Security Industry Innovation Awards 2007.

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