Officers overwhelmingly favour new Taser

One hundred per cent of officers prefer the Taser X2 to the old model, according to Home Office research.

Jan 29, 2018

One hundred per cent of officers prefer the Taser X2 to the old model, according to Home Office research. Analysis of the new Taser found its two-shot capability and dual targeting lasers make it more appealing to officers than the Taser X26. Every respondent to a Government survey said they thought the X2 is an improvement on the X26, as it is more accurate and has more efficient battery life. However, some concerns were raised about the increased weight and grip size of the new model. A Home Office spokesperson said: “The users commented that they did not think there was a problem with the X26, only the X2 was better. “The shortcomings of the X26 were felt to be only having a single shot before having to reload, reduced accuracy from a single laser dot sight, and the increased manipulation required to remove the cartridge in order to arc. “However, the users did prefer the size of grip of the X26 compared to the X2.” The Taser X26 was discontinued in 2015 and the X2 model was quickly identified as a potential replacement. The X2 is capable of firing two shots without needing to be reloaded, and has two laser sights indicating where the two barbs will impact. It can also generate a ‘warning arc’ without having to unload the cartridges and its range is four feet longer than the X26’s. The Home Office’s evaluation found the X2 is more accurate than its predecessor and is more effective against a moving target. The majority of respondents felt it can be used accurately without using laser sights, while a third of officers from specially trained units believe the X26 could not. Most officers also claimed its grip was too short or it was more difficult to reload than the older model. However, one officer suggested the benefits of having dual laser sights outweighs these drawbacks. The Home Office added that these issues could be addressed through further training and familiarisation.

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