MPS rolls out mobile phone data extraction technology

The Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) is rolling out specialist mobile phone data extraction technology across London.

May 3, 2012
By Paul Jacques
Picture: MPS

The Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) is rolling out specialist mobile phone data extraction technology across London.

The devices enable fast, accurate capture of handset data, which can be retrieved within minutes, ensuring officers can act on information held on a device while a suspect is still in custody.

The deployment is expected to substantially reduce the costs associated with traditional, outsourced evidential processing methods, which can lead to months of delays, particularly for low-level criminal cases.

“Mobile phones and other devices are increasingly being used in all levels of criminal activity,” explained Deputy Assistant Commissioner Stephen Kavanagh.

“When a suspect is arrested and found with a mobile phone that we suspect may have been used in crime, traditionally we submit it to our digital forensic laboratory for analysis. Therefore, a solution located within the boroughs that enables trained officers to examine devices and gives immediate access to the data in that handset is welcomed.

“Our ability to act on forensically-sound, time-critical information, from SMS to images contained on a device, quickly gives us an advantage in combating crime, notably in terms of identifying people of interest quickly and progressing cases more efficiently.”

The ACESO data extraction system from Radio Tactics comprises an intuitive, fully-guided touchscreen desktop data acquisition tool, designed specifically for frontline law enforcement operators, and will be used by dedicated officers across 16 London boroughs involved in tackling street crime and burglary.

The MPS deployment also includes a bespoke package of specialist training programmes, which will be held for more than 300 MPS personnel.

Radio Tactics’ CEO Andy Gill said: “The reporting and verification of mobile phone data capture by regional law enforcement bodies using ACESO has provided remarkable results at all levels of criminal activity.

“The intuitive design has ensured that frontline operators of all technical ability are able to increase the numbers of real-time examinations carried out and make informed arrests within minutes in many cases. ACESO deployments are curtailing the constraints of time and cost associated with outsourced data extraction thanks to the rapid progression and closure of cases, helping regional police forces meet their increasingly strict key performance indicator (KPIs) in the process.”

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