i2 helps forces make the most of ANPR

i2 helps forces make the most of ANPR

Feb 28, 2008
By Website Editor

i2 helps forces make the most of ANPR

The use and application of automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) technology has developed significantly since it was introduced to the British police service a number of years ago. It is now widely used within the law enforcement environment, and offers a unique resource, across a broad spectrum of policing activity, from targeting terrorism and serious organised crime to tackling volume crime and anti-social behaviour. Successful projects have provided compelling evidence that ANPR technology helps to increase both overall arrest rates and offences brought to justice.

The new i2 ANPR solution helps organisations to realise not only the potential of their ANPR data, but also the return on their investment in the ANPR network. Designed from the ground up to provide dedicated tools for working with ANPR information, i2’s solution – i2 iBase 5 ANPR – delivers immediate efficiencies and improvements in analytical capabilities.

Whilst ANPR technology assists the police service in detecting the movements of vehicles of interest, and has proved itself invaluable in live intercept operations, the real intelligence value of ANPR data only becomes apparent when it is analysed in context. The i2 ANPR Solution provides this all-important context, by allowing analysts to investigate ANPR data in combination with information from other sources, including crime, intelligence and incident databases. This significantly increases the value and understanding of the data, exposing hidden associations and patterns across data drawn from different systems.

The i2 ANPR solution provides a unique and dedicated environment capable of managing many aspects of ANPR analysis. Built-in functionality and a dedicated task manager allow analysts to perform convoy analysis and geographical profiling with efficiency and ease, as well as providing the ability to cross check data with the DVLA white list and retrieve images from back office systems.

The solution is provided as an add-on component to existing off-the-shelf i2 analysis products that are already deployed and being used within UK police forces by trained analysts. Consequently, this solution fits seamlessly into an environment with which i2’s existing customers are already familiar, and which new customers will quickly master.

Manage your ANPR data – Benefit from a scalable database solution storing ANPR data in a single, secure environment

Integrate ANPR data with data from multiple sources – Realiase the full potential of your ANPR data by combining it in i2’s iBase database together with data from other sources

Search for hidden associations and patterns across all your data – Undertake analysis across different data sources to discover hidden links and new meanings in the data

Improve efficiency – Derive the full value from your ANPR data in an efficient and cost-effective manner by cutting through time-consuming analytical tasks with dedicated tools and workflows designed around the use of ANPR data

Design powerful queries easily: Carry out convoy analysis, geographical profiling and other data analysis tasks without needing to learn a complicated query language. Use the i2 ANPR Solution to support:

  • Post-incident investigations – retrospectively analyse vehicle movements around incident scenes
  • Proactive intelligence analysis – identify potential intercept points for vehicles of interest by analyzing historical vehicle movement patterns

Along with a host of dedicated ANPR functions, the i2 ANPR Solution is delivered with an in-built, easy to use configuration tool which requires no knowledge of database systems. Deployment will provide straightforward integration with existing infrastructure and security: it comes with a quick-start user guide and online help to help users get the most from the software, and additional consultancy options from i2’s professional services team are available to further support deployment of the solut

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