Home Office seeks feedback on JESIP in new survey

Frontline emergency services staff are being “strongly encouraged” to take part in a survey on the Joint Emergency Services Interoperability Principles (JESIP).

Sep 7, 2023
By Paul Jacques
Picture: National Fire Chiefs Council

Aimed at commanders of all levels, control room staff, and those in non-commander roles from the police, fire and rescue, and ambulance services in England and Wales, the survey aims to understand how JESIP is currently working in responder organisations through exploring emergency services practitioners’ existing knowledge and awareness of JESIP and their impressions and experiences of putting it into practice.

It is an opportunity for the emergency services to have a say on how JESIP is working currently and give feedback on how it could be further improved.

Respondents will be asked about their experience of multi-agency training and exercising, familiarity with JESIP models and products, perceptions on JESIP embeddedness and what they see as the main barriers and enablers to successfully implementing JESIP.

The survey, which will until the end of September, is being hosted by independent research company Ipsos UK, on behalf of the Home Office.

The findings will help the JESIP team, government and emergency services to further improve how JESIP is taught and exercised and how it is embedded and applied at incidents, towards better attainment of the system’s over-arching objective of ‘working together, saving lives’.

The survey is part of a programme of further research on JESIP being undertaken by the Homeland Security Group at the Home Office to strengthen the evidence base on JESIP.

Findings from the research will be used to directly inform decisions on how JESIP is implemented in future, as well as the development and delivery of targeted interventions to further improve JESIP embedding across all responder organisations.

To respond to the survey, visit https://online.ipsosinteractive.com/mriweb/mriweb.dll

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