`Hate crime` threatens Muslims with acid attacks

Racist letters threatening Muslims with acid attacks are being treated “extremely seriously”, a force has said.

Aug 31, 2017

Racist letters threatening Muslims with acid attacks are being treated “extremely seriously”, a force has said. West Yorkshire Police has stepped up patrols in the Hanover Square area of Bradford as part of a “thorough investigation” after anonymous and offensive material – titled ‘Kill Scum Muslims’ – was posted through doors. There are concerns that the leafleting will raise tensions as the English Defence League prepares for a demonstration in nearby Keighley on Saturday (September 2). The letters said women wear burkas because they are “ugly” and claimed men are grooming white girls in the area. The literature added: “We are now going to do acid attacks on anyone who wears the funny black masks around your square and Bradford and other places.” Campaign group Just Yorkshire condemned the letters and it was worried for local people, “particularly those who are visibly Muslim”. Chairman Nadeem Murtuja said: “I am extremely concerned that there are now Muslims in this country that are having to shave their beards and remove their hijabs – taking away the very freedoms that form the cornerstone of British values and the right for people to practise their faith freely, evidenced by the fact that Islamophobic and racist-driven hate has increased five-fold in the last five years. “This is a time for calm heads, and people in positions of power, locally and nationally, need to become more visible in their stance towards protecting the human rights of all communities, including the Muslim community.” A force spokesperson said: “The incident is being treated as a hate crime and being taken extremely seriously. “A thorough investigation has been launched and officers are working with the local community and partners to identify and prosecute those responsible for this despicable crime. “We understand the impact hate crime and hate incidents can have on our communities and on individuals, and crimes of this nature will not be tolerated. “Additional patrols have been deployed to the area following this report and police are working with local leaders to reassure residents, and to trace those responsible.”

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