Chief constables propose six per cent pay rise 

For the first time, the National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC) has asked the Police Remuneration Review Body (PRRB) to consider a three rather than one year pay deal to give officers a bigger upfront pay increase. 

Feb 12, 2019
By Website Editor

The three-year deal should be worth more than six per cent, the NPCC suggests, with four per cent payable from September 2019. 

However, the NPCC admitted that not all chief constables agreed that a three-year deal would be affordable and so its submission to the PRRB for the 2019/20 pay award proposes either a two to 2.5 per cent one-year increase or the three-year pay deal. 

The submission, published on Tuesday (February 11), relates to police officer pay in Home Office forces in England and Wales but mirrors the award recently given in Scotland, where a rise of 6.5 per cent, over a 31-month period until March 31, 2021, was agreed. 

The NPCC has also recommended that on-call allowances for federated ranks (up to the rank of chief inspector) increase from £15 to £20 an hour. Rises in subsequent years should be indexed to increases in base pay. 

NPCC lead for pay and conditions, Chief Constable Francis Habgood, said: “Police chiefs’ recommendations have to balance the desire to see officers fairly rewarded with the need to maintain services to the public within budget.  These are always difficult decisions for chiefs and forces face different financial challenges. 

“For the first time, we’ve asked the police pay review body to consider a three-year deal, which gives us the opportunity to give a bigger upfront pay increase this year.  It would mean more cash earlier for officers. 

The recommendation for a three-year deal is for a four per cent increase in the first year, followed by no increase in year two, and an increase of two per cent in the third year. If the rate of inflation, measured by the Consumer Price Index for December 2021, is higher than 2.5 per cent, the pay increase for this final third year will be reconsidered, however, a minimum of two per cent would be guaranteed. 

If a three-year deal is agreed, the PRRB should explore different options to ensure that individuals are not financially disadvantaged due to the Annual Allowance charge, the NPCC said. 

London weighting (currently £2,444 a year) and the Dog Handlers’ Allowance will also rise in line with the increases recommended in base pay. 

Mr Habgood added: “We’ve pushed the boundaries of affordability to get the best deal possible for officers.  Without extra funding, any pay increase above this level would mean cuts elsewhere.  

“Alternatively, if the independent body decides against a three-year pay deal, we have recommended a one-year increase of between two and two and a half per cent as the maximum all forces can afford. 

“We have also recommended boosting on-call payments to frontline officers. 

“As always my thanks go to officers and staff across the country for all they do to keep the public safe.” 

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