Superintendent or Chief Inspector on promotion
Type: Permanent Location: North West Organisation: Greater Manchester Police

The Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police is looking to recruit high performing, resilient, suitably experienced Chief Inspectors seeking promotion to Superintendent.

This is an opportunity for ambitious people who are passionate about delivering the highest quality policing to the communities we serve.

Applications are invited from Greater Manchester Police officers and officers seeking transfer from their current force.

This will be a highly competitive selection process.

About the role

Successful candidates will support us on our journey of continued improvement and will play key roles in shaping the future of our organisation, building on existing strengths to reduce demand, improve performance and deliver positive outcomes.

The successful candidates will hold the highest level of credibility and will:

  • Be an inspirational leader with the ability to take command of a range of complex situations

  • Have a sound and all-round operational footprint with evidence of exceptional operational delivery

  • Have the ability to connect with officers, staff and key stakeholders at all levels in order to effectively deliver excellent and high quality policing to the people of Greater Manchester

  • Demonstrate substantial evidence of their ability to drive, improve and deliver performance outcomes at a strategic level

  • Be innovative and creative in their approach with experience of delivering successful large-scale change

  • Be truly committed and passionate about the service provided to the public of Greater Manchester


Applicants must:

  • Have the support of their line manager

  • Pass the required vetting and medical checks prior to appointment

Application Process

If you have the skills and experience required and are interested in developing your career in a police force that is committed to recognising and valuing its workforce and providing high levels of job satisfaction, complete the attached application form and return to no later than 2359 hours 16th October 2022.

Officers external to GMP, should also click on ‘Apply’ below to register their details.

Applications will be subject to paper sift and the top performing candidates will be invited to attend HQ for an interview board and presentation on a date during November or December.

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Workforce Development at

Apply Here on the Greater Manchester Police website >>

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