Commissioner of Police
Type: 3 year fixed term Location: Overseas Organisation: Bermuda Police Service

Accountable to: Her Excellency the Governor of Bermuda

The Commissioner of Police is responsible for the direction and control of the Bermuda Police Service in order to provide the British Overseas Territory with a professional, effective and efficient police service fulfilling the mission: “Making Bermuda Safer”.

The Commissioner of Police is also responsible for the fulfilment of all the statutory and legal obligations of the office of the Commissioner of Police.

The appointment is for a fixed term of 3 years, renewable by mutual agreement for a further period of up to three years. The remuneration package includes a salary of circa BMD $ 200,000 plus an allowances package.

Role purpose

The Commissioner of Police has overall responsibility for leading the Bermuda Police Service, creating a vision and setting direction and culture that builds public and organisational confidence. Such leadership is essential to successfully deliver a professional, effective and efficient policing service.

The Commissioner of Police is directly accountable for the operational delivery of policing services and the effective command and leadership of the policing response to crime, and major and critical incidents.

Key accountabilities

Set and ensure the implementation of organisational and operational strategy for the service, in order to provide an effective, efficient and modern police service that meets current and future policing demands.

Develop and maintain governance arrangements and processes within the police service, to ensure effective decision making and appropriate action at all levels/tiers of the organisation.

Lead the service, communicating a clear direction, setting organisational culture and promoting values, ethics and high standards of professional conduct to enable an effective and professional service.

Lead, inspire and engage the Senior Police Officer Group; setting and role modelling approaches to a workforce culture that promotes wellbeing, facilitates impactful professional development and performance management to create empowered teams that effectively enable the achievement of the BPS’ vision and goals.

Hold accountability for service financial management and determine functional budgets within the agreed framework, to ensure the effective use of the Service’s annual budget of approximately BD$69 million and maximise value for money.

Lead and command the operational policing responses on occasion in the most high-risk and high profile instances, in order to protect the public and ensure an appropriate and effective response.

Develop and maintain strategic relationships, effectively influencing and collaborating to contribute to improvements and change in the broader operating context and enable the achievement of service objectives.

Represent the service to the public, media and other external stakeholders to promote visibility, connect with the public and build confidence in policing.

Create and drive a culture of development, change, innovation and problem solving to ensure enhanced productivity, value for money and continuous improvement in evidence based policing.

Play an active role in territory wide decision making on the development of the police service to enable the effective co-ordination of operations, reform and improvements in policing and the provision of value for money.

Behaviours, competency and values

This role requires the highest standards of behaviour, competency and values based decision making.

The successful candidate must be able to evidence:

  • Being emotionally aware in a professional environment

  • Ownership of professional responsibilities and challenges

  • Being collaborative and sensitive in their approach to leading a culturally diverse workforce

  • Being able to deliver, support and inspire

  • The ability to analyse critically

  • Being innovative and open-minded

Prior education and experience

Applications are open to serving or recently serving police officers of superintendent rank or above with a minimum of 10 years experience at strategic policing command leve.

In addition, the following experience is essential:

  • A degree level qualification

  • Successful completion of the Strategic Command Course1 (or equivalent)

  • Authorising Officer Training

  • Wide ranging operational law enforcement experience

  • A demonstrable track record of working at a strategic level, including the leadership of law enforcement officers and staff at senior leadership level

  • Experience of successfully engaging with and influencing multi-agency partnerships

  • Experience of implementing an effective performance management framework

  • Experience of implementing successful organisational development, change and innovation

  • Experience of accountability for management of significant budgets

  • Up to date operational/technical policing knowledge

  • Knowledge of developing legal, political, economic, social, technological, and environmental factors and an understanding of the implications for strategic planning

  • Knowledge of relevant local, regional and national policies, strategies and initiatives and an understanding of the implications within the policing context. Preference will be given to candidates with knowledge and experience of law enforcement and public safety issues in Bermuda.

What you should do next:

If you would like further information about the role, please contact Deputy Governor Allison Crocket at  If you wish to apply for the post, please send a personal manifesto (maximum of 500 words) and a curriculum vitae to Deputy Governor Allison Crocket at

The deadline for applications is 1pm (UK time) on November 1st, 2021

The successful candidate will be expected to take up post not later than 1st April 2022.

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