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Mental Health and Policing
Location: UK Date: October 6th, 2021

Dealing with MH related incidents continues to dominate police demand.

There are complex dynamics at play and we need to continue to work with our partners to ensure we understand the exact nature of this demand and that those in need get the best care from the most appropriate service.

Improving information sharing and demand analysis is key along with ensuring a Public Health approach to collaboration and problem solving.

The constraints of Covid-19 have meant we have not been able to come together for some time and hear about recent developments and future plans but a new chapter to deal with this area of business has now begun. There have been recent changes to both the national police and PCC leads for mental health, the launch of the first national strategy, we await the implementation of Sir Simon Wesley’s Mental Health Act review recommendations and a chance to shape the future with the forthcoming Mental Health Bill.

The fifth national conference on Policing and Mental Health will share the future direction of this area of work by hearing about developments from key partners such as the CPS and the continued
role out of the Long Term Plan by NHS England. There will also be an opportunity to hear about innovative initiatives both from forces and social media companies along with lessons we have learnt from the pandemic.

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