Phonexia Orbis makes audio investigations effortless

Designed specifically for law enforcement agencies, Phonexia Orbis enables the rapid investigation of audio recordings with automatic identification of speakers and other key information, all from one place. Senior Product Manager Tomas Bia explains.

Dec 16, 2021
Tomas Bia

The investigation of audio recordings is a very demanding discipline. Audio lengths can vary from a few seconds to several hours, and case-related recordings can easily exceed hundreds of files in a short period of time, and often only a fraction of the recordings contains useful information for advancing the case being investigated.

Add to this equation the always-present time pressure and limited number of human resources, and it is clear to see what law enforcement agency analysts are up against these days.

Context is important but listening to each audio recording manually is extremely inefficient and, in many cases, even impossible.

Fortunately, this is exactly where Phonexia Orbis comes in with Phonexia’s cutting-edge voice biometrics technology and unique features for the fast searching of persons of interest in audio recordings. The whole solution has been designed with an analyst in mind, making sure that everything important is only a few clicks away.

State-of-the-art voice biometrics

At the heart of Phonexia Orbis beats the world’s leading voice biometrics technology that can recognise a person by voice in just a few seconds. Analysts can use this technology to rapidly search for a known person of interest across all uploaded audio recordings and uncover every single recording in which the person is speaking.

This saves time immensely and helps identify persons of interest within an extremely short time. The analyst can, therefore, focus on dot connecting and intel gathering rather than wasting time searching for a needle “of interest” in an audio haystack.

Intuitive Interface

One of the Phonexia Orbis’s huge promises is its intuitiveness. The whole user interface is designed to be as intuitive as possible, showing all important information, notifications, and notes at the exact place where the analyst would expect them to appear.

Time is always of an essence during investigations, so it is vital to be able to access information and other crucial functionality instantly, with ease, and without needing to think about where they can be found.

Smart audio player

Being able to easily identify where the person of interest is speaking is essential. However, as typical recordings do not contain 100 per cent of speech from the beginning to end, it is equally important to cut through the irrelevant audio parts quickly.

Therefore, Phonexia Orbis includes a built-in smart audio player that can seamlessly skip through silent spots, play each stereo channel separately, and hold any notes from the analyst about the recording.

Instant network visualisation

The complexity of cases differs greatly. Some cases may require investigating only a few persons of interest within a few audio recordings, when some other cases may demand the complex analysis of hundreds of recordings for a large number of persons of interest interacting via many different phones.

For this reason, Phonexia Orbis provides analysts with a powerful feature that automatically generates a visualisation (link analysis) of the entire investigated network after just one click. The network visualisation contains every known information about the persons of interests, their assets, and their interactions within the network.

This helps investigators analyse the network easily and uncover potential persons of interests through easy-to-follow interactions between the persons of interest in the investigated network and discover new assets (such as new phone numbers) by detecting their voices based on Phonexia’s cutting-edge voice biometrics.

Custom detection rules

One size does not fit all, and this is especially true for the detection of specific events during the analysis of audio recordings.

Phonexia Orbis provides analysts with multiple options to set up their own detection rules to raise the alarm when a specific combination of events is detected within the investigated network.

These can be related to a specific person’s voice detected in an audio recording, multiple persons of interest having a conversation, a phone call from a specific phone number, and many others.

These detection rules can be adjusted at any time to reflect the latest information uncovered during an investigation and filter only the most relevant recordings with a high probability to provide additional important insights.

Try the Phonexia Orbis online demo

Would you like to experience how effortless audio investigation could be with the right tools at hand? Would you like to see Phonexia Orbis in action? Click here to try our free online demo of Phonexia Orbis!

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