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523 September 15 2016
News in this week’s edition includes a number of calls for changes in the law, including two cases that highlight the lack of deterrence in current sentencing for dangerous driving. There has been a stunning decrease in the use of police cells as places of safety and we have the details of the fresh appeal in the Stephen Lawrence murder. Lots more news and features this week include Gavin Hales and Andy Higgins detail five years of Police Foundation research and provide recommendations on effectiveness in a changing world, while Dr Ian Hesketh and Emma Williams discuss the role of social media in giving a voice to the frontline. Our main feature examines possible terror scenarios and the assessment that is likely to be made afterwards. Research shows protein found in hairs could be more useful in proving identity than any other strand of forensics. And we also have an appeal from the Crown Prosecution Service for better use of CCTV technology to gain early guilty pleas.
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522 September 8, 2016
In this week’s edition news includes Keith Vaz’s resignation as chair of the Home Affairs Select Committee following a newspaper sting, views from the Police Superintendents’ Association of England and Wales’ annual conference whose president has called for a licence to practice for senior public protection roles after a survey showed few had any training whatsoever. It has emerged an amendment will be made to the Policing and Crime Bill to make police officers liable to misconduct investigations indefinitely after they leave the service. There are lots more news and features include an overview of the support available to investigators of historical abuse, research into how appearances can be recreated from DNA, studies that show interviewing groups of people can identify lying better than individually, we have lots of legal updates including the lessons taken from the failed prosecution of 15 officers and staff over the Lynette White murder case.
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521 September 1, 2016
This week, we have news of a backlash from officers over record number of arrests and assaults on police at the Notting Hill Carnival, several forces are kick-starting huge new recruitment campaigns, a consultation on guidance for misconduct hearings and HMIC finding varying success rates in crime recording, despite previous concerns.

We have lots more news and features include an insight into the minds of violent criminals, a new interviewing technique to help officers gather unknown evidence, a look at the campaign to increase penalties for dog thefts, new developments in perfume forensics, an explanation of how senior leaders can better understand how policing is changing, and a call for analysts to present their work on the global stage.

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520 August 25, 2016
In this week’s edition we have news of controversial data interception powers being given the green light, a crackdown on Islamic radicalisation in prisons, a defence of chief officers' pay packets and how one police officer was the sole British representative in an Olympic final.

We have lots more news this week, and features include a look at the impact of body-worn video on officers’ behaviour, a chief constable explains how the public must play a bigger part in public service and policing as he sets out his commitment to 'transform and innovate', a unique insight to gang life in London, an examination of ways 3D printing can benefit policing and a study of how a 100-year-old murder helped convict a second killer just this month.

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519 August 18, 2016
In this week’s edition we have news of a specialist hub set up to combat online hate crime, a former footballer who died after being Tasered, an outsourcing pilot giving lawyers responsibility for seizing fraudsters’ assets through civil courts and a chief constable retiring ahead of the outcome of an inquiry into alleged corruption.

We have lots more news and features this week include a look at the way the Police Dependants’ Trust is expanding its support to serving officers, an investigative case study details lessons from a kidnap, an examination of the use of DNA in hare coursing and other wildlife crime and in our main feature Professor Robin Bryant and Dr Rob Heaton debate the level of improvement possible from evidence-based policing.

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518 August 11, 2016
In this week’s edition we have news of senior appointments at chief officer and mayor/PCC levels, details of winning bids to the radical new programme to finance reform of the police through the Police Transformation Fund, an appeal not to label mentally ill people terrorists following the Russell Square attack in London.
We have lots more news and among the features this week we have an examination of the growing band of fake former soldiers who capitalise on the recognition and benefits that are given to those who served in the military. Our main feature includes advice on how to deal with right wing extremists who are being groomed in similar ways as jihadists and we also look at at significant recent cold case successes but the number of unsolved murders is growing, and this is partly blamed on cuts. Paul Bleakley also explains how squabbles within the Metropolitan Police played a part in its failure to detect the Whitechapel Ripper.

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In this week’s edition news includes the creation of a new Cabinet taskforce to tackle human trafficking and Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary will assess the police response to the issue. Senior officers are warning of an increasing threat from online grooming as 523 victims are identified as part of a Operation Lattise. And we have pictures and reaction from the Care of Police Survivors’ annual remembrance service in Staffordshire. Lots more news, plus features include: a look at how policing could benefit from computerising and analysing burglar and burglary characteristics; Peter Neyroud assesses the integrity of the 122 recent research projects in policing; and Jonathan Howarth discusses the importance of dealing with long-term people issues over quick-fire structural change. We examine the prominence of scavenger interference in crime scenes and research into how best to deal with prominent identifying features when conducting virtual identity parades.
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In this week’s edition the latest news includes statistics showing the true scale of cybercrime and fraud for the first time, adding 5.8 million crimes to the 6.3 million traditional’ offences in the last year. Home Office figures have also shown a further drop in police workforce numbers and reveal dramatic increases in long term officer sickness.
Lots more news, plus features include: Chief Constable Andy
Cooke explains why continued reforms are necessary to ensure the
force is fit for duty, we examine how analysis of five years of local data is providing greater understanding of the characteristics and behaviour of sex offenders and Tom Wainwright explains how organised crime groups learn from the operating models of big business.
Also included: We look at the latest trends in terror attacks across Europe and examine how a murder and rape case from 1982 has shown how important it is to future proof current investigations.

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In this week’s edition we have all the latest news including details of the appointments to both Home Office and Ministry of Justice ministerial teams, which see formal rivals come together to address reoffending and improve security.
Elsewhere, totally inadequate supervision and enforcement mean London has become a safe haven for money launderers, MPs have said, and in her first speech as Home Secretary Amber Rudd has reassured the public about security measures at major UK events.
Lots more news plus features include a look at how old methods could provide more accurate reoffending predictions for mid-level offenders and Dr Loretta Trickett discusses the expansion of hate crime reporting to include misogynistic behaviour. Also this week, we examine the changing nature of Home-grown terrorist and how organised criminals are exploiting the retrieval of historical maritime artefacts.

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In this week’s edition we have all the latest news as Theresa May leaves the Home Office to become Prime Minister.
She leaves her successor with the job of reforming the way police funding is shared between forces and they will face new research that shows the formula is currently skewed towards urban areas where volume crime is higher. The National Rural Crime Network is urging the new Home Secretary to rebalance the formula to reflect the whole demands on the police.
We also have the news of the radical transfer of powers over criminal justice from Whitehall to Greater Manchester, the Police Federation of England and Wales described a one per cent pay rise as a ‘kick in the teeth’ and we cover the re-inspection of the four forces rated ‘inadequate’ at protecting society’s most vulnerable in last year’s PEEL inspections.

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