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<b><I>Insepctor Michael Brown (left) and<br>Chief Constable Nick Ephgrave Professionalising detention
The responsibilities of custody officers are often immense and hazardous, which is why a recent conference sought to make police cells a safer place for all.
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Punishing burglary
Police Professional’s series explaining the world of sentencing continues as we explore the range of outcomes after conviction from differing scenarios.
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<b><i>Dr Ian Hesketh & Dr Noreen<br>Tehrani Specialist care
In this, the second of a series of three articles, Dr Ian Hesketh and Dr Noreen Tehrani explore the current challenges faced by specialist roles within the UK police, specifically in relation to trauma exposure and psychological risk management.
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<b><i>Dr Jennifer Guest Written in blood
Forensic scientists are looking to improve techniques in blood pattern analysis and are appealing for real examples to test new ways of recreating crime scenes.
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<b><i>William Wong Connecting the dots
A project that revolutionises crime analysis is being trialled in the UK and Europe in the hope that vital information held by forces will be immediately available.
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<b><i>Dr Jennifer Maher Wasteful profits
Huge incomes and low penalties are tempting increasing numbers of organised criminals into the world of illegal waste disposal and other environmental offences. Police Professional looks at the scale of the problem and the efforts to tackle it.
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<b><i>Duke of Cambridge Prince William<br>speaking at last week's policing<br>and mental health conference Minding the care gap
As NHS funding for mental health services continues to decline, so pressure on the police increases. Last week’s national conference on policing and mental health was an opportunity for partners to search for solutions.
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Missing enaction
Forces across the country are dealing with an increasing number of missing persons reports, especially involving those with either Alzheimer’s or dementia. Police Professional looks at the impact of the rising numbers and examines some of the innovative strategies being employed to deal with the issue.
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<b><i>Detective Constable Gillan Squires<br>and Sarian Karim-Kamala Cutting through culture
Law enforcement is focused on obtaining the first conviction for female genital mutilation, but first it needs to understand the cultural issues to obtain the evidence and prevent the practice in the meantime.
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<b><i>Alan Smith and Carolyn Downs Chance consequences?
Gambling leads to debt and anger, which then results in violence and offending, according to those recently convicted. Police Professional looks at the rise in addiction and ways people end up involved in crime.
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