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Investigating misconduct: planning proportionate investigations
Dave Hayward says that the first step in a misconduct investigation is to create a good plan at the outset. Such a plan will help the investigator focus on the identified lines of inquiry and highlight any issues and/or problems that require addressing at an early stage.
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Disclosure in family courts: a clash of cultures
In family cases where a court order for disclosure has already been made, Edward Pleeth explains that establishing an effective process within the relevant police unit for either complying with or objecting to the disclosure ordered is crucial.
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Search warrants: Avoiding the pitfalls
Challenges to search warrants can prove costly for police forces. James Berry and Oliver Williamson explore some of the common pitfalls associated with search warrants and offer practical suggestions on how to avoid them.
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Taking care: policing and protection of the mentally ill
In the wake of recent cases, Debra Powell and Susanna Rickard, barristers at 3 Serjeants’ Inn, say there needs to be clear guidance for joint working between police and health services for the care of people suffering from mental disorder.
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Maintaining standards - Why police integrity cannot be compromised
John Beggs QC and James Berry are barristers at 3 Serjeants’ Inn Chambers. They represented the chief constable of Dorset Police in the Salter litigation in which the Court of Appeal confirmed that honesty and integrity in policing is non-negotiable.
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Protected disclosure - the immunity rule considered
A recent case challenging the disclosure of an informant’s identity provided a useful platform for the court to restate the scope and boundaries of the core immunity rule applicable to court proceedings, as Nick Peel explains.
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Legal update
Legal update
Homer v chief constable of West Yorkshire Police
The Supreme Court decided the requirement for a law degree indirectly discriminated against an employee near retirement age. Emma Dickinson explains.

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A case of reasonable care
When the police promise to protect informers and witnesses, where do their obligations stop and the individual’s responsibilities begin? Nick Peel explains.
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Intention important in police claims
A recent court case has highlighted the importance of intention when determining the amount of compensation to be awarded in claims against the police. Nick Peel discusses the circumstances in which expensive awards of aggravated and exemplary damages might be avoided.
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Disclosure in criminal proceedings
There are huge challenges ahead for prosecutors, defenders and the judiciary in dealing with the disclosure regime, explains Peter James.
Confidence in the criminal justice system has suffered a further blow following the collapse of the UK’s largest police corruption trial.
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