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Court rules against PSNI for Masons bias
A police officer in Northern Ireland was discriminated against because he was not a Mason, an employment tribunal has ruled.
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Force launches murder investigation DVD
Cleveland Police is one of the first in the country to produce a DVD for young officers explaining their role in a murder investigation team.
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Centrex training initiative recognised with GPA award
An officer from North Yorkshire Police, currently based at the Centrex Leadership Academy for Policing at Bramshill, Hampshire, has been honoured by the Gay Police Association (GPA) for a flagship training initiative.
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Gender Agenda 2 launched
Gender Agenda 2, the strategy designed to highlight the working environment experience by women officers in the police service, was launched this week. It comes as an update to the original Gender Agenda, officially launched in August 2001; it seeks to outline the achievements since the previous launch and will provide a renewed focus on those issues that face women in the police service.
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Women PCs awarded night shift bonus
Two women police officers have won the right to extra bonus payments for working at night even though they worked only day shifts, a tribunal ruled.
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Skills for Justice presents conflict management award
Skills for Justice presented the Justice award for conflict management at a new awards ceremony last week. The awards aim to recognise the work being done by many on a day-to-day basis to manage and reduce work-related violence.
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EU vetting procedures hinder Scottish recruitment
Bureaucracy has stifled Scottish forces’ plans to recruit officers from Eastern Europe. The forces were considering the strategy as a way to deal with a shortfall in officers in the next few years as the number retiring hit record levels.
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Chief Constable’s commitment to diversity rewarded
Lothian and Borders Chief Constable Paddy Tomkins has received the GPA’s (Gay Police Association) annual Matthew Windibank award that recognises individuals and organisations that have made an outstanding contribution to the progression of gay equality issues inside and outside the police service.
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Staffordshire Police and University receive recognition
A learning programme designed to improve the leadership and management skills of Staffordshire police officers and staff has received a major award.
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NOS face skills review
Skills for Justice is currently reviewing the original National Occupational Standards (NOS) units which were developed for Policing and Law Enforcement in 2002.
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