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<b><i>Bryan Clark: 'Our emergency<br>services deserve the best<br>technology</b></i> Home Office appoints new ESN director
The Government has selected a new leader to oversee the implementation of its long-delayed Emergency Services Network (ESN).
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Man defecated on police station counter before leaving burglary scene wearing Garda hat
A judge has promised a man who broke into an Irish police station and defecated on the counter before making off with a uniform and patrol caps that he will bear in mind a prison term already served in connection with the crime across the border in Northern Ireland.
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<b><i>Danielle Richardson was found<br>dead in an apartment in<br>February</b></i> Force’s two-year contact with murdered woman under investigation
A force’s contact with a woman in the two years before her murder is being investigated by the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC).
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<b><i>Amber Rudd: Dark web 'emboldens <br>people to break the law <br>in the most horrifying of ways'</b></i> £50m funding to take on dark-web offending and tackle cybercrime across all policing levels
The Home Secretary urged law enforcement to get “steps ahead” of technology’s growing army of illegal exploiters as she unveiled new measures in the fight against cybercrime.
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<b><i>Stephen Mold: My comments<br>were directed towards 'a<br>very small minority of people' PCC’s swinging the lead comments aimed at ‘small minority’ of officers
A police and crime commissioner (PCC) has been forced to write to the police workforce to clarify comments he made about under-performing officers.
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<b><i>Sir Craig Mackey: Preferred <br>Hither Green 'not become the<br> focus of disruption'</b></i> MPS says its ‘not a crime’ to lay flowers as tensions rise in row over burglar bouquets
A force caught in the middle of vying factions clashing over the death of an armed burglar has asked for “respect” from both parties after floral tributes and balloons were repeatedly torn down.
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<b><i>Guy Smith: 'Clearly police forces<br>will need better resources'<br>(Image: NFU)</b></i> Call for fairer funding after rising number of livestock and tractor thefts
Farmers are demanding more money for rural forces as the cost of countryside thefts has hit a five-year high.
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Officer convicted of police cell assault
An officer has been found guilty of assault after punching a man held in custody.
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<b><i>Simon Edens: 'The time is<br>right for me to hand<br>over the reins' ‘Open and ethical’ chief constable to ‘hand over the reins’
A chief constable is to retire following a 37-year career described by his police and crime commissioner (PCC) as “outstanding”.
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<b><i>Stephen Lawrence: Stabbed to death</b></i> Stephen Lawrence murder inquiry ‘unlikely to progress further’, says MPS
A murder investigation that left an indelible footprint on British policing history may have reached the end of the line.
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