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<b><i>Dr Jackie Sebire will take up<br>her post with immediate effect</b></i> Bedfordshire Police selects new ACC
The first new assistant chief constable has been appointed following this year’s Strategic Command Course (SCC).
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<b><i>Dave Jones: 'North Yorkshire<br>Policing is about to start the<br>next phase in its transformation' ‘Formidable’ chief constable leaves force with immediate effect
The first officer in England to be appointed to a chief constable role from the position of assistant chief constable has confirmed his retirement.
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Modern Slavery Helpline celebrates ‘landmark year’
Thousands of potential modern slavery victims have been identified in the first year of a new national helpline.
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PSNI pay rise finally confirmed after seven-month delay
Officers in Northern Ireland will finally receive a pay rise in line with their English and Welsh colleagues following months of uncertainty over their remuneration.
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Man arrested in counter-terror raids
A man remains in custody after being arrested in connected with an alleged terror plot.
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<b><i>Michael Lane: 'I will continue<br>to work to build confidence<br>and trust' 98 per cent of workforce loses confidence in PCC following ‘devastating’ officer reductions
Hampshire’s police and crime commissioner (PCC) has overwhelmingly lost a vote of confidence from officers following cuts to specialist teams.
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Eighth arrest after largest Paramilitary Crime Task Force operation to date
Four men are being questioned on suspicion of involvement in terrorism following a major operation against paramilitary crime in Northern Ireland.
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<b><i>Michael Matheson: 'I am determined<br>that crime will not pay' New measures to tackle organised crime allow betting slips and casino chips to be seized
New laws widening what can be classed as cash when seizing assets are set to come into force, the Scottish Government has confirmed.
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Sean Rigg Five officers face gross misconduct hearings over the death of Sean Rigg
The Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) has instructed the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) to hold gross misconduct hearings for five officers over a death in custody in 2008.
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<b><i>Dean Purcell CBO given to abusive boyfriend to ‘prevent him victimising others’
A man who was jailed for subjecting his girlfriend to “a horrendous ordeal” has been told he must inform police when he has a new sexual partner to protect potential future victims.
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