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Four per cent rise in thefts from vehicles masks deep fluctuations between forces
Careless car owners and travelling criminality have been blamed for the rise in the number of vehicles broken into and recorded by more than half of UK forces.
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<b><i>Jeanette Cadden Officer sacked for discriminatory social media posts
An officer has been dismissed after sharing a number of offensive posts on Facebook and calling gypsies “f*****g scumbags”.
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<b><i>Clare Wood: Forces inconsistently<br>applying law set up in murder<br>victim's memory</b></i> Figures highlight vast differences in ‘Clare’s Law’ uptake by forces
The chance people will learn of their partner’s history of violence differs wildly across the country due to variations in how forces are applying a law set up in a murder victim’s memory.
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<b><i>Commander David Clark: 'I still<br>need to change more mindsets'</b></i> Fraud lead warns of slow progress on prioritising economic crime
Forces are still not treating fraud as a high enough priority, according to the national lead for economic crime.
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588 January 11 2018
In this week’s edition news includes the transformation of the IPCC into the Independent Office for Police Conduct, the national lead for counter terrorism and assistant commissioner Mark Rowley is to retire, the Cabinet reshuffle includes a whole new team at the Ministry of Justice, and the number of Metropolitan Police Service officers is set to fall below 30,000. There is lots more news and features including Meagan Mirza explains how new legislation will affect access and use of automatic numberplate recognition data, we look at the issues of providing for women’s basic needs in custody, Ian Blackhurst discusses the future of digital briefings, Paul Kennedy urges the police service to undergo swift digital transformation, the Research Inspector explains how looking at the spatial movements of offenders could map future thefts from vehicles and Dr Samantha Andrews puts the case for improved training and development on interviewing child victims and witnesses.
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<b><i>Samantha Andrews Eliciting the truth
Dr Samantha Andrews explains the development of interview techniques involving child victims and witnesses, and puts the case for adequate training and development on the issue.
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Context and clusters
This week, the Research Inspector looks at a study being conducted into how the ‘forager theory’ could help map future thefts from motor vehicles and explains how the impact of police research can be better illustrated.
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<b><i>Paul Kennedy Speeding up evolution
Paul Kennedy proposes a shortcut to digital transformation and makes the case for urgently taking advantage of the available opportunities.
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<b><i>Ian Blackhurst Getting a shift on
Ian Blackhurst discusses how once a day briefings could soon be consigned to history.
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<b><i>Katie Kempen (left) and<br>Superintendent Katy Barrow-Grint Dignity in detention
Custody suites have been updated and made much safer in recent years but failed to provide for women’s basic needs, according to custody visitors. Police Professional looks into the issue and talks to one force that is making feminine requirements a national topic of conversation.
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