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<b><i>Professor Robin Palmer and<br>Dr Lawrence Farwell Mens rea
The brain can provide tell-tale signs of guilt, even though an admission in interview is elusive. Experts on ‘brain fingerprinting’ put forward their views on its use in policing.
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<b><i>Dr Ian Hesketh & Dr Noreen<br>Tehrani Disaster response
In the third and final article in their series, Dr Ian Hesketh and Dr Noreen Tehrani examine the psychological trauma of responding to major disasters and how best to look after officers’ welfare in the aftermath.
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<b><i>Professor Paul Thomas and<br>Professor Michele Grossman Close calls
An individual’s close friends and family will likely be the first people to notice signs that their loved one is being radicalised, but research has shown many only contact authorities as a last resort. Police Professional explores the findings and how barriers to reporting can be overcome.
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<b><i>Steve Scown and Jared O'Mara Hate support
Ahead of a week of action on hate crime, Police Professional examines recent experiences and new approaches to tackle the issue head on, particularly when disability is involved.
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Criminal Law Week
Is bad character evidence that one of two appellants charged with conspiracy to burgle belongs to a gang admissible at the trial of both?
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<b><i>Dr John Coxhead ASB: All sorts of behaviour
In this the second in a regular feature, the Research Inspector looks at new studies on anti-social behaviour and cybercrime.
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<b><i>Professor Michael Zander Keeping PACE
Major changes to the Police and Criminal Evidence Act will impact decisions to detain suspects and vulnerable people. Professor Michael Zander explains the progress being made to implement the new legislation in a custody environment.
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Sentencing for the past
As celebrities and high profile cases are brought to trial years after the offences were committed, the outcomes can be difficult to apply and understand. In this third in the series of articles explaining the courts’ decision-making, the Sentencing Council explains how they are constrained by the law as it stood many years ago.
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<b><i>Tony Stockwell and Angela McGhee Pointers from the grave
Mediums constantly offer information on major investigations and have been a major distraction on high-profile events in the past. Police Professional examines whether they are ever able to prove their value.
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<b><i>Dr Melanie Bailey Sharper analysis
A new test that can quickly detect cocaine ingestion could offer much wider benefits for law enforcement and medical practitioners. Police Professional reports.
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