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‘I just froze’ campaign to challenge misconceptions about rape survivors
Rape Crisis Scotland has launched a new campaign to challenge and change common misconceptions that there is a right or wrong way for people to react during or after a rape.
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<b><i>Lorne Green ‘Breaking new ground’ in rehabilitation
Two rescue dogs are being been brought into HM Prison Norwich once a week to give offenders new skills in dog handling and training as part of a pilot project to help rehabilitate inmates.
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Shared station ‘paves the way for service provision’
A new emergency services station that sees all three blue light services based permanently under the same roof for the first time in South Wales was officially unveiled last month.
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<b><i>Hardyal Dhindsa Videos help the deaf engage with police services
A series of videos have been produced to increase access to police services among the deaf community.
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‘Virtual reality’ road safety film has real impact
A virtual reality (VR) 360-degree film has been released to “communicate a life-saving road safety message to a digital generation”.
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‘Pioneering’ opportunities in partnership
A “multi-agency approach” to fire and crime prevention by Thames Valley Police and Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service has proved such a success that it is to be expanded across all parts of West Oxfordshire.
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‘Hands-on’ insight into rural crime
Police officers, special constables and police community support officers have been given a practical insight into rural crime and how best to tackle it.
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Recruits put through their paces by drama students
New recruits at Greater Manchester Police (GMP) are getting a taste of the different incidents they could encounter in a series of drama workshops with student actors from Salford City College.
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Groundbreaking service to support most vulnerable
Police, health, criminal justice and voluntary agencies have teamed up to “provide a lifeline to thousands of vulnerable people”.
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Casualty reduction officer to promote road safety
A new police casualty reduction officer is being recruited to help curb the number of accidents on Cambridgeshire’s roads.
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