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<b><i>Kathryn Holloway & PC Carl<br>Klein ‘Private’ healthcare gets officers back on duty
Bedfordshire Police is to pay for healthcare to help officers on restricted duties return to the front line. It has allocated £50,000 for two targeted healthcare pilots to help officers who have been injured or who are recovering from illness.
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Force launches ‘business news’ Twitter account
Suffolk Constabulary has gone live with a new business news page on its website, together with a Twitter account @SPBusinessNews, that aims to “improve communication with the business community”.
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<b><i>Marc Jones ‘Crisis nurses’ offer control room support for officers
‘Crisis nurses’ are being deployed in Lincolnshire Police’s control room to help officers deal with incidents involving mental health issues.
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<b><i>Mark Burns-Williamson and Sergeant<br>Paul James (far right) with the<br>performing arts students Students put online risks in spotlight
West Yorkshire Police has teamed up with performing arts students to produce an “impacting and dynamic performance” to raise awareness about cybercrime and staying safe online.
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‘Sobriety tags’ call time on alcohol-related crime
A pilot of so-called ‘sobriety tags’ has been launched to tackle alcohol-related crime and reduce reoffending.
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<b><i>Inger Lowater Video will help deliver restorative justice
A new video has been released to help train police officers to deliver restorative justice and also correct a common misconception that it is some sort of “soft, wishy-washy option”.
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<b><i>Detective Chief Inspector Paul<br>Kirby Diverting drug users into support
A multi-agency operation to stem a rise in deaths from “contaminated” heroin has been launched across Hull.
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Force highlights risks of using fake ID
Humberside Police is clamping down on young people using fake ID after licensed premises reported an increasing trend of youngsters attempting to gain entry using fraudulent passports or driving licences – often belonging to older siblings or older friends.
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<b><i>(left to right) Inspector Sarah<br>Greening, panel treasurer Keith Davies,<br>PC Ryan Hill, Eileen Patrick, Georgina<br>Hurley, PCC Jeff Cuthbery & panel<br>chair Alan Williams Home safety scheme provides ‘peace of mind’ for vulnerable
Security devices are being fitted in the homes of vulnerable people recovering in hospital as part of an “innovative” crime prevention scheme to provide peace of mind for the patients.
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<b><i>PCC Matthew Scott at wellbeing cafe ‘Wellbeing’ on the menu at new cafes
Two mental health wellbeing cafes have opened in Kent to offer out-of-hours support for people who wish to chat or seek support with any element of their mental health.
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