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Artistic PC gains national acclaim
PC Bryan Connor, West Midland Police, has been shortlisted to receive a prestigious art prize in a high-profile competition to depict the nation's love of football.
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GMP Detective receives national award
A Detective Superintendent from Greater Manchester Police (GMP) has been awarded The Senior Investigator of 2006 honour for outstanding achievements in the field of homicide investigation.
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Bedfordshire hosts first email conference
Bedfordshire Police has hosted the inaugural conference of the Criminal Justice System Email Network that now has members from all 43 forces across England and Wales plus British Transport Police and Ministry of Defence Police.
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Grampian Police PR campaign wins national award
Grampian Police has received a prestigious national award for a marketing campaign to tackle vandalism in Aberdeen city.
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Met scoops recruitment award
The Metropolitan Police has been honoured at the annual Personnel Today Awards ceremony.
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Staffordshire staff collect business excellence awards
Police officers and support staff in one of Staffordshire’s successful police divisions are celebrating after scooping top honours in an award ceremony highlighting the best of business across the Midlands.
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First e-learning course in the study of terrorism created
As national and international terrorism continues to dominate the news and political debates, Informa, the global information provider, has joined forces with the Centre for the Study of Terrorism and Political Violence (CSTPV) at the University of St Andrews to offer the first transnational e-learning course in the study of terrorism.
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NCPE hosts investigative training conference
The NCPE will be hosting a national conference aimed at those involved in the training and development of investigative skills.
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Assessing investigators
Between the probationer dealing with a shoplifter or being first at a murder scene through to chief officers managing high profile major enquiries there is a sizeable momentum to equip them with the skills and knowledge needed to fulfil that role, and to maintain nationally consistent competencies at all levels.
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Female officers honoured in international awards
Four police officers and a member of police staff from forces across the country have been recognised for their achievement at an international award ceremony specifically aimed at women.
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