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<b><i>Sadiq Khan: 'The Met are running<br>out of options' Sadiq Khan: Government ‘passing the buck’ over police funding crisis
The Mayor of London claims the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) is “running out of options” to identify savings as reported crime and population continues to increase in the capital.
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Six charged over far-right terror links
Five men and a woman have been charged with membership of a banned far-right organisation.
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PC suffers fractured eye socket in unprovoked attack
Three officers have been left injured after a violent attack while they were helping an elderly man who had collapsed.
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<b><i>John Worboys: Parole Board will<br>be reviewed over transparency<br>in release</b></i> ‘Correct procedures were followed’ in victim contact during Worboys release
Parole staff followed correct procedures when informing victims of serial rapist John Worboys that he is to be released, the new Justice Secretary has claimed.
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<b><i>Victoria Atkins: 'This is the<br>next step of our acid attacks<br>action plan'</b></i> Retailers volunteer to restrict acid sales to under-18s
Major retailers have pledged not to sell corrosive substances to children as part of a government attempt to crack down on acid attacks.
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<b><i>Katrina O'Hara was left<br>'vulnerable and afraid' when her<br>mobile phone was seized Murdered mother left ‘vulnerable and afraid’ after investigators retain phone
Dorset Police has been criticised for leaving a woman without “means of communication” before she was murdered by her ex-boyfriend.
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<b><i>It is believed up to 400<br>animals have been killed by<br>the 'Croydon cat killer' Operation Takahe: Suspected cat killer under investigation
Northamptonshire Police believes it may have arrested the man who has been mutilating and killing cats across the country.
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Officer bottled during arrest sustained 22 stitches to his head
A Metropolitan Police Service officer was rushed to hospital with serious injuries after a glass bottle was thrown at his head.
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<b><i>Alan Turing - the first posthumous<br>pardon under the legislation</b></i> A third of historical gay sex conviction applications rejected
New Government statistics show 96 (out of 262) applications for historical gay or bi sex convictions to be pardoned and disregarded have been rejected.
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<b><i>Commissioner Kate Frame said she<br>received 'no consultation' from<br>the SPA on Phil Gormley's period<bR>of leave SPA under pressure to allow Phil Gormley back to work
The Police Investigations and Review Commissioner (PIRC) has said the inquiry into Police Scotland’s chief constable would not be prejudiced by him returning to work.
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