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Fatal collision following police chase in Staffordshire
An independent investigation has been launched after a police pursuit of a car on the wrong side of a motorway ended in the death of the driver.
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<b><i>Richard Lewis (centre): 'There is so<br>much good work happening across<br>the force'</b></i> Local ACC for Dyfed-Powys Police
Dyfed-Powys Police has welcomed a new assistant chief constable to its strategic leadership team.
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<b><i>Almost 1,300 wildlife crimes were<br>recorded by NGOs last year<br>(Image: WCL) Wildlife groups demand action over ‘shocking’ lack of central crime recording
Conservation agencies have launched the first ever national wildlife crime overview in the absence of official data.
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<b><i>Ex-Police Constable Garry <br>Wells-Burr: Six-year prison term</b></i> Former officer jailed for child sex offences spanning four-year period
A chief constable warned there is “no hiding place” for sex offenders whatever their occupation after one of his former officers was jailed for the “wicked” and repeated abuse of two girls.
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Charities urge review of how courts handle sex crime victims
Victims’ charities are demanding an urgent review of how the criminal justice system manages sex crimes.
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<b><i>Giles York: 'Local policing is<br>at the heart of everything<br>we do' Neighbourhood policing ‘at the heart’ of force’s transformation strategy
Sussex Police has confirmed it will use the increase in the council tax precept to recruit an additional 200 officers over the next four years as part of its new local policing model.
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<b><i>West Midlands Police's posters<br>showed dead bodies made of coins</b></i> WMP removes ‘crass’ homelessness posters after PCC’s criticism
A force has taken down posters advising people not to give money to the homeless after the police and crime commissioner (PCC) branded them “crass” and “insensitive”.
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Trust follow-up report highlights ‘lack of national leadership’ over police progress on stalking
Policing leaders need to make “great strides” to improve their support of victims of stalking after lives have been “unforgivably” lost in high-profile cases because of a serious lack of understanding and recognition, one of the country’s most senior retired chief constables has warned.
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Matthew Barber Thames Valley deputy PCC permanently appointed
Matthew Barber's position as deputy police and crime commissioner (DPCC) has been made permanent.
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Force to stop accepting physical firearms licence requests
Firearms licensing renewals in Northern Ireland will soon be exclusively carried out online to reduce backlogs in the system.
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