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529 October 27 2016
In this week’s edition we have news that Police Now has been given over £5 million to fund its expansion into 2018, a 20 per cent increase in missing persons reports and leaders of the service say allegations of sexual misconduct by police officers is being addressed after two high profile convictions for historical child abuse. We have lots more news, and features include the importance of frontline leadership and adopting what works in the world of policing, how Greater Manchester Police used Operation Retriever to bring down a human trafficking gang, Assistant Chief Constable Phil Kay highlights the importance of using open source intelligence for a range of policing purposes and an exploration into how vital social media was in the conviction for the murder of Sarah Duhane. Our cover story looks at legislation on pre-charge bail going to Parliament in its final stages and provides suggestions to make the laws more effective.
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528 October 20 2016
In this week's edition we have news of the Metropolitan Police Service pledging to phase out commander and chief inspector ranks, the Home Affairs Select Committee calling on the Government to stamp out rampant anti-Semitism, and the continuing challenges facing the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse. We have lots more news, and features include a look how middle leaders need to be supported to prepare for the future, an examination of developments in place-based public services, and a reminder that current challenges around education have all been faced before. In our cover story, we look at how forensic experts are digging the dirt on criminals, and proving that science can link offenders to crime scenes.
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527 October 13 2016
In this week’s edition we have news of a massive reduction in the number of children being arrested in England and Wales, the appointment of a new Shadow Home Secretary and senior justice ministers, a nationwide crackdown on all forms of hate crime and the latest on pranksters who dress as clowns. We have lots more news, and features include an explanation of how communities can help with crime prevention, a look at the reality behind intellectual property crime, and an examination of how the noise in camera sensors could prove vital to solving the most serious cases.
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526 October 6 2016
In this week’s edition we have details of the new Home Secretary’s first Conservative Party conference speech, emphasising the continued focus on vulnerability and announcing a crackdown on illegal immigration, we have lots of appointments and departures at chief officer level, including Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe's early retirement, David Crompton vowing to challenge his dismissal and two chief constable appointments. There is a lot more news and features including an examination of tactics being used to counter non-cash money laundering, a look at the challenges in modernising the police workforce, and a discussion of the impact of automation on policing. We also have the views of Kable, whose research identified the risks behind the proposed Emergency Services Network, and the latest case studies from Criminal Law Week.
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525 September 29 2016
In this week’s edition we have news of pioneering research that has revealed the extent of organised crime’s grip on Britain’s off-street sex market. Thirteen forces have been readmitted to the Best Use of Stop and Search scheme after they were suspended in February. Crime in Scotland has also reached its lowest point in 42 years, although officials have expressed concerns over a slight rise in reports of violence. There is a lot more news and features including an overview of expectations on the service from the recent Excellence in Policing conference, and a case study detailing lessons from the conviction of a UK crime group that defrauded businesses out of £113 million. In our cover feature, we examine the lengths forces are going to within current legislation to expand workforce diversity and ensure only the brightest candidates are recruited.
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524 September 22 2016
In this week’s edition we have news of the continuing debacle over the tenure of South Yorkshire Police’s chief constable after HM Chief Inspector of Constabulary criticised the decision to seek David Crompton’s dismissal. The Metropolitan Police Service has expressed its frustration over the long delays in finding no case to answer for officers involved in the 2008 death of Sean Rigg. There are radical plans to shake up the justice system so vulnerable victims do not have to give evidence in court. There are lots more news and features include Daryl Kenny examines the limits to policing in an article explaining that human rights, welfare and broad community safety considerations are taking up more of an officer’s day than crime. In our cover feature we also discuss the recognition given to police dogs, Brian Langston argues for a different perspective of diversity recruitment and we look at why deaths from opiates are on the rise, even though seizures are too.
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523 September 15 2016
News in this week’s edition includes a number of calls for changes in the law, including two cases that highlight the lack of deterrence in current sentencing for dangerous driving. There has been a stunning decrease in the use of police cells as places of safety and we have the details of the fresh appeal in the Stephen Lawrence murder. Lots more news and features this week include Gavin Hales and Andy Higgins detail five years of Police Foundation research and provide recommendations on effectiveness in a changing world, while Dr Ian Hesketh and Emma Williams discuss the role of social media in giving a voice to the frontline. Our main feature examines possible terror scenarios and the assessment that is likely to be made afterwards. Research shows protein found in hairs could be more useful in proving identity than any other strand of forensics. And we also have an appeal from the Crown Prosecution Service for better use of CCTV technology to gain early guilty pleas.
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522 September 8, 2016
In this week’s edition news includes Keith Vaz’s resignation as chair of the Home Affairs Select Committee following a newspaper sting, views from the Police Superintendents’ Association of England and Wales’ annual conference whose president has called for a licence to practice for senior public protection roles after a survey showed few had any training whatsoever. It has emerged an amendment will be made to the Policing and Crime Bill to make police officers liable to misconduct investigations indefinitely after they leave the service. There are lots more news and features include an overview of the support available to investigators of historical abuse, research into how appearances can be recreated from DNA, studies that show interviewing groups of people can identify lying better than individually, we have lots of legal updates including the lessons taken from the failed prosecution of 15 officers and staff over the Lynette White murder case.
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521 September 1, 2016
This week, we have news of a backlash from officers over record number of arrests and assaults on police at the Notting Hill Carnival, several forces are kick-starting huge new recruitment campaigns, a consultation on guidance for misconduct hearings and HMIC finding varying success rates in crime recording, despite previous concerns.

We have lots more news and features include an insight into the minds of violent criminals, a new interviewing technique to help officers gather unknown evidence, a look at the campaign to increase penalties for dog thefts, new developments in perfume forensics, an explanation of how senior leaders can better understand how policing is changing, and a call for analysts to present their work on the global stage.

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520 August 25, 2016
In this week’s edition we have news of controversial data interception powers being given the green light, a crackdown on Islamic radicalisation in prisons, a defence of chief officers' pay packets and how one police officer was the sole British representative in an Olympic final.

We have lots more news this week, and features include a look at the impact of body-worn video on officers’ behaviour, a chief constable explains how the public must play a bigger part in public service and policing as he sets out his commitment to 'transform and innovate', a unique insight to gang life in London, an examination of ways 3D printing can benefit policing and a study of how a 100-year-old murder helped convict a second killer just this month.

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