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<b><i>Professor Joseph Kadane Faulty impressions
New research has added to the growing doubts about the absolute infallibility of fingerprint evidence, with new recommendations urging examiners not to use context in analysis.
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<b><i>Dear Catcallers – one of the ‘selfie’<br>images from the Instagram account<br>set up by student Noa Jansma Making gender count
As research shows the impact of sexual harassment on young people, forces across the country are beginning to recognise the damage caused by gender based hate crime.
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Spreading terror
Police Professional examines the role of propaganda that creates a twisted view of utopia and serves to recruit and encourage violence in the name of jihad.
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<b><i>Dr John Coxhead Managing digital evidence
In this article, the third in a regular feature, the Research Inspector looks at a new study exploring policing’s forensic digital capability.
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<b><i>Ian Blackhurst The will of the people
Ian Blackhurst examines why the success of any technology transformation lies with some very human elements.
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In the dark
Driven by the need for anonymity among dealers, new currencies are emerging within hidden areas of the internet, raising the question of whether law enforcement has the skills and powers to reach where criminals are now operating.
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<b><i>Mike Cunningham and Zoe<br>Billingham Looking to the future
All forces will soon be expected to take a forward-looking view of their performance as a new inspection regime is introduced, reducing the level of scrutiny on one hand but requiring a cultural shift to measuring capability on the other.
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<b><i>Dr Leah Schinasi Climate control
Officers have long suspected that weather conditions can affect local crime rates, but new research has explained exactly how much of an impact it can have.
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Criminal Law Week
Are the police required to obtain judicial consent before interviewing a child who is a ward of court?
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Extracting intelligence
Law enforcement agencies face a growing challenge of managing the explosion of digital evidence, yet as we all increasingly use smart technology and digital services in our everyday lives, the benefits to police are significant. Police Professional talks to one company that is helping UK forces make sense of all the data.
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