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Posters drive home ‘revenge porn’ risks
A hard-hitting campaign aims to “drive home” the dangers of so-called ‘revenge porn’. The public information initiative in Scotland includes posters that show a mobile phone with nude pictures covered in crime scene tape.
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Teenagers ‘join forces’ to warn about ‘sexting’ dangers
Cumbria Constabulary has praised students for their successful ‘takeover’ of the ‘cumbriacops’ Snapchat account as part of a campaign to warn teenagers of the dangers of sexting.
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<b><i>PCC Kathryn Holloway tries the<br>thermal imaging camera Force hot on search for vulnerable missing persons
Fire crews are using thermal imagining cameras to help search for vulnerable missing persons as part of a six-month pilot between Bedfordshire Police and Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service.
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<b><i>Chief Constable Shaun Sawyer ‘Mature’ approach to first-time offenders
Devon and Cornwall Police is introducing a new initiative that will offer a “mature option” to challenge and change the behaviour of first-time offenders, who could avoid a police record if they sign up to the scheme and fully comply with it.
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<b><i>Chief Constable Iain Spittal (right)<br>and PCC Barry Coppinger 'Everyone matters' is new focus for force
Cleveland Police has given a firm commitment to equality, diversity and human rights by launching a strategy developed with employees and local groups.
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'Navigating' a reduction in violence
A violence reduction project that provides support to people when they may be at their most vulnerable is having “a direct effect on crime”. The Navigator programme helps patients who have been the victims or perpetrators of violence to make the changes they need to improve their lives.
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<b><i>Jake Moore: 'Having cyber security<br>measures in place can protect<br>their company data' Dorset Police uses YouTube to tackle cyber attacks
Dorset Police is using YouTube in a bid to beat online crime.
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‘Reconnecting’ addicts with the community
A new project aims to “break down barriers” by building links between people who are recovering from alcohol and drug abuse and their local community. Volunteer ‘community connectors’ are being recruited as part of the city-wide collaboration in Sheffield to help those in recovery access activities and services in their local area.
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Merseyside officers driving forward taxi safety
Roads policing officers at Merseyside Police are gaining the ‘knowledge’ to help tackle taxi licensing breaches.
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New video to help tackle ‘hidden crime’
A powerful film showing how professionals such as emergency workers, GPs, dentists and hairdressers can help to spot the signs of domestic abuse has been released in Scotland.
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