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Durham to axe up to 100 officer jobs
Up to 100 police officer jobs in County Durham are facing the axe in a bid to save the force £3m a year.
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Drug courses offered to practitioners
The UK charity COCA is running a series of courses to give practitioners the skills, confidence and treatments tools to deal with people who use either crack, cocaine, methamphetamine or amphetamine.
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Women ‘missing’ from 101 top police jobs
Women are still woefully under-represented in senior roles, according to a survey.
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IPCC considers public tribunal
Disciplinary tribunals for police officers could be held in public for the first time, according to reports.
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The next generation
Superintendent Willie Baker of the Leadership Academy for Policing (LAfP) at Bramshill has a burning passion to advance the training and development opportunities that it, and other Senior Leadership Development Programmes (SLDP), offer. Having taken over the lead on the Foundation for Senior Leadership Module at the start of the year and, recognising the hard work done before to establish this valuable programme, he has taken it to its natural and exciting next stage. Here he writes about the programme for Chief Inspectors and Superintendents and equivalent police staff to enhance their careers through accredited continuous professional development before becoming the next generation of senior leaders.
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Police recruit on YouTube
Ahead of West Yorkshire's launch of their webcast, 999TV, clips are being posted up to the internet site, YouTube, in a bid to attract more recruits.
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North Wales targets Polish for jobs
North Wales Police is targeting Polish migrants in its ‘positive action’ recruitment drive.
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Traffic Officer resources targeted
The Highways Agency has commissioned partners to develop a resource allocation formula for the Traffic Officer Service (TOS).
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ST Officer Programme launched
The role of Specially Trained Officers (STOs) will be enhanced by a new programme that received its official launch at the National Investigation Training Conference at Wyboston last week.
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Suffolk’s Principal SOCO wins ACPO award
Suffolk Constabulary’s Principal Scenes of Crime Officer (SOCO) has been honoured at the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) Homicide Working Groups annual awards ceremony.
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