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Building the peace
Two years after becoming Chief Constable of the Police Service for Northern Ireland, Hugh Orde still faces a monumental task. He talks to David Don about the difficulties of winning community confidence in the restructured force, and the need to give hundreds of families ‘closure’ on unsolved killings.
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Face to face with the future
Peter Burton, the force’s Head of Imaging Services, explains how the system works and the impact it can have on operational policing.
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Professionalising Investigation
A major initiative to professionalise the investigation process has the potential to transform the police service. It will affect everyone involved in investigation, from probationer to chief officer. Working in partnership with the National Centre for Policing Excellence (NCPE) within Centrex, Skills for Justice and the Home Office, and following a piloting and testing phase, the project has now been approved by ACPO Council and passed into the hands of Chief Constable Ian Johnston for implementation by NCPE throughout the service.
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Patient progress
At one time police sickness rates exceeded those of all other UK professions.
Tina Orr-Munro reports on forces’ efforts to reduce the cost of sickness and prevent stress-related illness through early intervention.

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Science & Policing: A New Challenge
Professor Gloria Laycock Director Jill Dando Institute of Crime Science, UCL
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Adaptors & Innovators
Surrey Chief Constable Denis O’Connor, C.B.E.,Q.P.M., and ACPO Vice President, presides over a force with nearly 2,000 police officers and total staff of 3,500.
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Progressive Essex
When interviewed by national media on taking over as Chief Constable of Essex, Roger Baker made a number of promises to the public and said he would be held to account if he failed to deliver. One year on, he invited the media back to discuss the changes that have taken place.
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