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<b><i>Professor Colin Rogers End of the foot patrol?
Professor Colin Rogers asks whether the proposal by Norfolk Constabulary to remove the role of police community support officer, if replicated elsewhere, could lead to a loss of the service’s legitimacy.
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Criminal Law Week
Should a police force bear the costs of funding a special advocate where it claims public interest immunity in relation to certain material in family proceedings?
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<b><i>Robin Jarman Long arm of comfort
There is now greater recognition of the pressures involved in law enforcement. Robin Jarman discusses the support available and what took officer and staff wellbeing to the top of national priorities.
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<b><i>Dr John Coxhead Policing domestic violence
This week, the Research Inspector explains the results of a study into how police officers and control rooms respond to domestic violence, highlighting the importance of knowing how the demands in this area impact on officers’ time.
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<b><i>Jayne Sykes and Sue Crawford Supporting feedback
After previous surveys for understanding victim satisfaction were criticised for being too restrictive, a new guide is being created that could help forces maintain their individuality while still gaining invaluable insights.
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Losing the appeal
The proliferation of media channels and the emergence of social media as an effective method of seeking help from the public have dented Crimewatch’s ratings so much it is to stop broadcasting. Police Professional examines the impact the pioneering show has made on policing.
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Forces accelerate IT investment
Policing will provide the highest growth in the public sector for investment in software and IT services (SITS) over the next few years, according to a new report from IT analyst company TechMarketView.
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New demands and lower officer costs make PCSO role redundant
On October 19, Norfolk Constabulary announced the introduction of a radical new policing model, one that has taken two years to formulate and based on lengthy consultation and what it says is evidence of policing initiatives that work in the county. However, it is a model that is likely to spark significant media headlines as all 150 police community support officers (PCSOs) were told that they could soon be made redundant.
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Reading the signs
Last week’s Excellence in Policing conference tested the temperature of the service and examined how forces can tell if they and their workforces face a healthy future.
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<b><i>Cristina Mesder was shot with<br>an air rifle just outside her home Flags in the air
While greatest attention is rightly given to deadly weapons, an increase in the use of less lethal guns offers the potential to identify those who go on to commit very serious offences.
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