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<b><i>Professor Roderic Guigo Gene watch
The discovery that certain parts of the body die at different stages could make it easier to verify the time of death, if circumstances prove beneficial.
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<b><i>Joy Buolamwini Race for recognition
Artificial intelligence when combined with facial recognition systems has formally been shown to contain bias against certain ethnic profiles. Joy Buolamwini discusses the findings.
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<b><i>Hany Farid and Professor<br>Clare McGlynn Unlawful acts
When the software that used to be available only to big budget film producers is now free on the internet, offenders can add faces to videos and commit crimes with potentially devastating outcomes.
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<b><i>Detective Inspector Mike Newman Training under evaluation
When Queensland Police wanted to introduce major changes to the way it recruited, developed and retained detectives, it became the first to conduct a randomised control trial in this arena. Police Professional spoke to Detective Inspector Mike Newman about how evidence was vital to successful reforms.
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<b><i>Andrew Steel Assessing negligence
When a third party is injured as a result of officers carrying out their lawful duties, they could be liable if any dynamic assessment shows negligence to foresee the consequences. Andrew Steel explains the Supreme Court’s decision in Robinson v Chief Constable of West Yorkshire Police.
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<b><i>Mike Cunningham Improving identity
Police Professional met with the new chief executive of the College of Policing and discussed how he plans to persuade practitioners that it is highly relevant to their daily lives.
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<b><i>Dr Steve Havard Setting standards
Innovation in technology has been hampered by legacy systems and a failure to communicate what is required of suppliers – until now. The National Police Technology Council recently set out how it will finally make common IT platforms a reality.
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Community impact
This week, the Research Inspector examines the local effect of organised crime and how to find your way to studies that have been conducted or are under way across the UK.
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Unleashed crime
Despite greater awareness of the illegal trade in dogs, criminals are finding new ways to lead lucrative lifestyles from smuggling puppies into the country and selling unhealthy or diseased animals to unsuspecting buyers.
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<b><i>Dave France (left) and<br>Richard Thwaite Tsunami of change
Huge national technology projects have advanced to the point that implementation could drown forces, but experts suggest forces can choose to get ahead of the approaching tide of reform.
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