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Triage promises fast access to care
A‘blue light’ initiative to ensure people experiencing a mental health crisis have fast access to care has been launched by City of London Police and the NHS.
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<b><i>PCSO Sean Long ‘Digital PCSO’ takes on the cyber criminals
West Midlands Police has unveiled its first ‘Digital PCSO’ (police community support officer) as it reaches out to protect the public and businesses against the threat of cybercrime.
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Public gets interactive guide to stop and search
Bedfordshire Police has launched an interactive ‘toolkit’ designed to help give the public a better understanding of stop and search.
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Joint response to anti-social behaviour
Surrey Police is expanding its Joint Enforcement Team (JET) initiative following its success in tackling anti-social behaviour and low-level crime. The force has teamed up with Guildford Borough Council’s established enforcement teams to create the new JET, which will tackle issues such as littering, fly-tipping and vandalism, and provide a visible presence to deter would-be offenders.
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<b><i>Katy Bourne Delivering ‘best response’ to stalking
A new support service for victims of stalking in Sussex will not only ensure that those affected receive specialist care, but will also include training to “enhance the knowledge of police officers and staff” in identifying offences.
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<b><i>Philip Seccombe: 'Warwickshire<br>should not be seen as a soft touch<br>for rural crime' Tracking devices deployed to tackle rural crime
Warwickshire Police is using tracking devices to combat rural crime and vehicle theft.
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<b><i>Chief Constable Dave Thompson:<br>'This is more than just a<br>new website' Web portal ‘revolutionises’ public contact
West Midlands Police has taken the first step towards a new interactive website that it says is set to “revolutionise” the way the public contacts the force and give people the chance to report some crimes ‘digitally’ through a dedicated portal.
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Cartoon cats alert public to phone theft
A cartoon cat has been used by the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) to make anti-crime warning messages more memorable and less about trying to “frighten people into changing their behaviour”.
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<B><i>Spice: 'Vile substance'</B></i> Force ‘first of a kind’ cutting out cannabinoid cancer
As London’s world-famous heartbeat undergoes restorative surgery to ensure a clean bill of health for future generations to enjoy, the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) has introduced its own “silencing” tactics to the balance of justice.
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Digital contact that ‘fits with modern lifestyles’
Lincolnshire Police is further embracing online digital engagement with the public by becoming the latest force to adopt a “modern and effective” way for victims to follow the progress of a criminal investigation.
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