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Digging deep
An integrated range of analytical techniques for forensic use on soils – called SoilFit - could become a valuable tool in police operations, reports Damian Small.
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Partnership tasking
In Worcestershire, Redditch Community Safety Partnership has been the pioneer in adapting the National Intelligence Model for use within the partnership environment. Partnership tasking in Redditch has put in place a framework that is helping to drive forward neighbourhood policing. Kim Stockman, Partnership Information Analyst for the Redditch Community Safety Partnership and Angela Heighway, Head of Community Safety for Redditch Borough Council, spoke to Police Professional’s Damian Small about the initiative.
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Crime analysis toolbox
South Yorkshire Police have created a toolbox, a multi-layered, intelligence sharing data system, that is providing a range of information from geography, offence types to social conditions, which will be made available to all levels of policing.
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COSMOS – mapping reassurance
In recent times a shift in government policy has necessitated the acceptance by police forces and partner agencies that public reassurance is a key delivery objective in relation to community safety.
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The 'near repeat' phenomena
Since April 2005, the Bournemouth division of Dorset Police has developed a crime reduction initiative known as the 'near repeat strategy', which has led to beat areas experiencing a reduction in burglary of 37%.
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Mapping the fear of crime: a micro-approach
Concerned at the reassurance gap, Merton Borough Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnership together with the police command team set out to map the fear of crime at a very local level, resulting in more effective tasking of officers and partners in a defined geographical area.
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Mapping Vulnerability
In the first of a regular series on Analysis in Practice, Police Professional looks at how the Wigan Community Safety Team and Greater Manchester Police expanded on the Vulnerable Localities Index to extend and improve their use of mapping crime to include other factors such as socio-economic data.
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