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CJS takes action on sex equality
New gender equality legislation will urge the Criminal Justice system to re-consider the way it treats women and men, says the Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) Scotland.
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Football crowds report published
A report has been published detailing developments in the scientific understanding of policing domestic football and highlighting tensions in command levels (see pp 29-32).
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PSNI faces shift pattern crisis
The Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) is facing a set-back to its new shift pattern process.
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Scottish leaders course offered
A course specifically designed to develop potential police leaders and managers is to be offered in Scotland.
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Initiative wins Duke of York award
A West Yorkshire Police initiative is to receive a Duke of York community initiative award.
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Met wins family friendly award
The Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) has been named Working Families and NSPCC Family Friendly Award winner 2006.
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Outsourcing makes ‘inroads’ in Met’s diverse PCSO workforce
The Metropolitan Police Service is employing more females and individuals from ethnic minorities through working with a private company that provides a pre-employment programme for potential PCSO recruits.
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Forces leading the way for diversity
Thirteen UK police forces have been recognised as being among the country’s top employers for gay and lesbian staff by Stonewall’s 2007 Workplace Equality Index.
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Misconduct case training course offered
Courses are now available for all those involved in the investigation, presentation or adjudication of police misconduct cases.
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Employers need more powers to tackle growing skills gap
UK skills are at a worryingly low level and we need to raise achievements if we are to continue to compete in the global market, according to an independent report on skills.
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