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<b><i>Almost a million more drivers<br>have taken speed awareness<br>courses since 2010</b></i> Huge increase in speed awareness courses but impact ‘not clear’
The effectiveness of speed awareness courses has been called into question as the road death toll remained steady last year despite record participation in the training.
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<b><i>PC Claire Todd: One of<br>Gloucestershire Constabulary's<br>current police dog handlers PC awarded £15,000 after employment tribunal rules dog handler fitness test ‘needs to be changed’
Three forces have been told they must review the way dog handlers are recruited after a female officer won a landmark discrimination case proving the system was too “tough” for some women.
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<b><i>Emma Caldwell was found dead<br>in Lanarkshire in 2005</b></i> Officers cleared over Emma Caldwell misconduct allegations
Seven officers have been cleared of misconduct after unlawfully seizing communications in the aftermath of an unsolved murder inquiry.
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<b><i>Incident: Buckingham Palace</b></i> Man denies Buckingham Palace sword terror charge
A self-employed Uber driver allegedly caught carrying a large sword near Buckingham Palace has denied a terrorism charge.
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Single crewing 'increased odds' of physical attack or injury
Officers who are always or often single crewed were significantly more likely to be subject to verbal threats and physical attack and injury, a Police Federation of England and Wales (PFEW) study has found.
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<b><i>Susannah Hancock: 'This<br>is an exciting time for police<br>and crime commissioners'</b></i> Experienced chief executive to join APCC
A new chief executive has been appointed by the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners (APCC).
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Investigation into detainee’s death
Derbyshire Constabulary’s interaction with a man who died following a short period in custody is being investigated.
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<b><i>John Worboys is suspected<br>of targeting more than 100<br>women John Worboys: Government’s attempt to prevent release ‘very welcome’
The Justice Secretary is doing “everything he can” to prevent the black cab rapist from being released from prison, Conservative party chair Brandon Lewis has insisted.
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<b><i>Mike Veale: 'I feel it is<br>the right time for a<br>new challenge' Chief Constable to switch forces
The chief constable of Wiltshire Police is set to leave the force after making the “very difficult decision” of accepting the lead role at another force.
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Rail policing merger will ‘jeopardise’ fight against terrorism
Counter-terror operations will be put at risk if the planned Scottish rail policing merger goes ahead unchecked, the House of Lords has heard.
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