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Beyond the Gaze
As the majority of the sex trade is now more likely to be identified by its online presence than physical visibility, the Research Inspector looks into the relevance for police forces.
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Clean fun
Recent convictions are showing how criminals are turning to gaming platforms to launder illicit funds, and giving law enforcement little chance of tracing transactions.
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<b><i>Tink Palmer Recognising recovery
Tink Palmer of the influential charity Marie Collins Foundation explains how it is helping officers learn to rescue victims by offering support over law enforcement processes.
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<b><i>Detective Sergeant Tara McGovern<br>and Detective Superintendent Tim<br>Champion Crossing lines
Detectives leading the fight against human exploitation as part of drug trafficking across the country describe the innovative use of legislation as part of the tactics being employed.
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Paramilitary investigation leads to first property recovery for new unit
Northern Ireland’s Paramilitary Crime Task Force (PCTF) has secured its first civil recovery order.
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<b><i>Mike Isherwood 'Hosted’ control room a future vision
A ‘hosted’ control room that provides a cloud-based data and communications service could revolutionise emergency services’ communications and pave the way for “a national platform allowing different organisations to share information between each other according to local agendas”.
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<b><i>Allan Fairley Forces to engage with suppliers at a ‘crucial time’
A ‘listening’ exercise has been launched to ask technology suppliers for their views of operating in the public safety market and for justice and emergency services stakeholders to share their challenges.
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Lift-off for drone ‘training school’
Wiltshire Police has become the first UK police force to be given “full and unrestricted approval to train drone pilots”.
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<b><i>Principal Mike Westerdale with<br>PCC Jane Kennedy A first for school-based hate crime reporting
The first school-based third party hate crime reporting centre has opened in Merseyside to enable victims or witnesses to get help to report an incident in complete confidence.
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‘Drunk’ actors test ‘lax alcohol sales’
Bedfordshire Police used volunteer actors pretending they were drunk in an innovative operation to test whether local pubs and clubs would sell them alcohol. The force said it had conducted the exercise to raise awareness of the implications of selling alcohol to drunk people and to help tackle alcohol-related violence and harm.
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