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549 March 30 2017
In this week’s edition we have the latest updates on the deadly Westminster attack, new security arrangements including Tasers to be used at the Scottish parliament, internet giants have been urged to take a harder line on child sex crimes and extremism, plus the reaction and debate on the proposal to recruit people from outside policing directly to chief constable positions. There is lots more news and features include an analysis of the effectiveness of gang injunctions, Dr Dainis Ignatans explains research that shows how immigrants have different expectations of the police, a look into the murder of Norma Bell and how the possibility of secondary DNA transfer could have halted the investigation, and we also look at some of the recent developments in criminals’ attempts to circulate counterfeit money.
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548 March 23 2017
In this week’s edition we have news about welcome changes to legislation that will allow officers to pursue offenders for a new offence of grooming online, a police and crime commissioner launches a parliamentary campaign to address a “travesty” that means pensions of two officers killed on duty are treated differently, and London’s Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime has commissioned a HMIC inspection into failures to properly investigate electoral fraud. We have lots more news and features including a view from the Strategic Command Course graduation, Professor Rob Briner explains how using evidence-based management could help chief officers make unbiased and informed decisions, senior figures in homicide investigation discuss a number of case studies to highlight the importance of critical decisions following the death of a child and our cover feature looks at the prominence of Eastern European organised gangs in jewellery raids, and what is being done to combat them.
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547 March 16 2017
This week’s edition includes news of an IPCC Commissioner temporarily leaving her post as Police Scotland investigates suppression of evidence claims, the MPS launches an unprecedented appeal to the Supreme Court to overturn a ruling stating it breached the human rights of two rape victims and an officer and two detention staff have been cleared of the manslaughter of Thomas Orchard. Features include insight from police and crime commissioner Jason Ablewhite into how seven forces are planning on making savings through a collaborative procurement arrangement, a look into how Merseyside Police is cracking down on scrambler bike crime, a study led by a top Psychology lecturer suggests that consuming alcohol can ‘protect’ the memory from misleading information in a witness statement, and we look into how a force managed to convict a mother for the murder of her daughter and broke down a family conspiracy. We also have the latest court decisions from Criminal Law Week.
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546 March 09 2017
This week’s edition includes reaction over the decision by the UK's current longest serving chief constable to make way for his second in command; a study reveals Muslim converts are four times more likely to become terrorists than those who are born into the religion; and local councils and fire authorities plead with the Government to lower the drink-drive limit by almost half. Look out for an incisive analysis of HMIC's report into forces’ performance which details how some are suppressing demand, leading to an ad-hoc rationing of police services as well as how authorities are finding ways to combat criminals that hide their digital communications through encryption. A former chief constable explains how technology-enabled policing could efficiently reduce crime to a great extent plus the growing trend of nitrous oxide becoming more popular than cigarettes among young people and why the drug should be taken very seriously. We also have the latest cases from Criminal Law Week.
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545 March 02 2017
In this week's edition we announce Cressida Dick's appointment as the first female commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Service It's the first time policing's three most senior roles are all held by women. New faces are also to be seen with senior appointments at the National Crime Agency and the Home Office. Features include a world of 'Effectiveness' and a force that is likely to upset Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary. Also investigators from Denmark’s specialist cybercrime unit have developed software that could see many users leave the dark web, while award-winning analyst used digital evidence to charge five people for a crime which seemed unsolvable. University of South Wales' Daniel Welch examines how the new law on domestic violence has been implemented and enforced, and more pertinently, whether its aims are being met. Our cover feature cuts to the quick (and the dead) on the real potential of DNA, and how some officers have become too reliant on it.
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544 February 23 2017
In this week’s edition news includes Humberside’s police and crime commissioner’s (PCC’s) explanation of why he forced the chief constable to retire, there is opposition to new guidance on post incident procedures, insisting officers must be separated after a fatal event, and a PCC has begun the formal process to take on fire service governance and combine support services saving £30 million. Features include a debate on the effectiveness of spit guards, a look at the underlying reasons behind a recent spike in gun crime and the tactics to combat it, and how the force that introduced polygraph testing is using the technology in new and innovative ways. In our cover feature, Chief Constable Ian Spittal explains how he is reforming the troubled Cleveland Police and removing skeletons from the cupboard.
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543 February 15 2017
In this week’s edition news includes Bernard Hogan-Howe’s reflection on his seven-year tenure as commissioner in his final set-piece speech, results of the Metropolitan Police Federation’s survey on whether officers think they should be armed and three forces are heavily criticised by the HMIC for inaccurate crime recording. There is lots more news and features include how the new ‘Capability Maturity Model’ allows forces to respond using an innovative and unique method to assess their digital capability, a look into how Greater Manchester Police overcame the challenge of implementing new technology, Superintendent Nick John explains the importance of documenting relevant evidence in complex fraud cases and Neil Roberts and Martin Wyke answer questions about the role of national bodies in developing police technology into the future. Our cover feature looks at how Gwent Police cracked down on child abuse images efficiently.
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542 February 09 2017
In this week’s edition we have news of a bid to change the law to protect rape victims, reaction to the judgment that the forced retirement of officers through Regulation A19 was lawful, the outcome of an investigation into a chief constable has revealed the strain caused by the four year inquiry and a report reveals the scale of child on child abuse. There is a lot more news and features this week include an in-depth analysis of discussions at the recent Police ICT Summit, including an update on national programmes such as the new Emergency Services Network, and there is insight into a fascinating programme that is bringing a huge number of forces together to align ICT developments, move to the Cloud and increase information sharing across boundaries. We also examine one force’s innovative use of social media that resulted in engagement with a significant amount of the public and operational success and we have the latest significant court results impacting on policing.

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541 February 02 2017
In this week’s edition news includes the latest Police Workforce report revealing the biggest fall in police officer numbers in three years, an MP has proposed a Bill that seeks to ban the term ‘honour killing’, and a file of evidence has been sent to the CPS over a police and crime commissioner’s expenses. There is lots more news and features include an interview with retiring Lincolnshire chief constable Neil Rhodes and his expectations of funding changes about to take place, how a router that masks IP addresses is about to make it harder to keep up with criminals on the internet, Scottish officials explain how the evolving job of a police officer is being made increasingly difficult due to austerity, the latest on the identification of a skull that was found in a skip from the 1950s, and we look at how an analyst’s award-winning project helped a force better understand local vulnerability. Our cover feature looks at the role of knots in investigations.
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540 January 26 2017
In this week’s edition news includes a warning from MPs of potential further delays and overspend on the emergency service network, finally the guidance on police attendance and use of force in mental health settings is published, the debate continues into whether there is a rise in violent crime following the publication of official statistics and new sentencing guidelines aim to punish speeders and protect police animals. There is lots more news and features include a look into how virtual reality can help forces understand how to prevent certain crimes, the challenges of implementing a new custody strategy are discussed and we look at how Operation Pigeon helped to snare officers who abused their power after meeting vulnerable women. Our cover feature looks at failures in caring for children can be addressed by better engagement, new policies on looked-after children and treating those who go missing differently.
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