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Restoring communities
The Research Inspector talks to Assistant Professor Kerry Clamp about the development of community-based restorative practices having researched their worldwide implementation.
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Westlaw Criminal Law Week
The latest court decisions from Westlaw Criminal Law Week.
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<b><i>Dr David Zendle Imitating virtual reality?
According to victims’ families and media reports, there appear to be significant connections between life-like gaming and violence. Police Professional looks at the latest research.
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<b><i>Giles Herdale A digital refresh
As forces rapidly assess their exposure to failings in digital evidence disclosure, Giles Herdale examines how the so-called scandal came about and what is needed to improve processes, capability and culture.
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<b><i>Dr Emily Gray (left) and<br>Professor Joanna Shapland Seeing the victims
A major research project has been conducted across the north of England to examine how well officers are able to use restorative justice practices and to identify the barriers that exist to its best implementation. Daniel Burn, Professor Adam Crawford, Dr Emily Gray and Professor Joanna Shapland explain its findings.
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<b><i>Andrew Steel Recalibrating duties?
Andrew Steel considers the implications of the Supreme Court determination that human rights laws place a duty on forces to conduct investigations, and how comments by Lords Hughes and Mance could lead to redeployment of resources.
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Beyond email
Police Professional reports on how the National Enabling Programmes is streamlining and securing police processes, and also helping two forces gain freedom from their inboxes.
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<b><i>Dr Helen Poole Connecting the shots
As academia develops important support for analysis of gun intelligence, Police Professional looks at the new ways being developed to match weapon with crime scene.
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<b><i>Chris Sims Networking capabilities
Chris Sims explains how his national programme to reform specialist areas of policing has developed and why there will be a seismic shift in policing as ‘operational opportunity shifts from forces to national structures’.
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<b><i>Simon Bailey The power of the victim’s voice in the public narrative
Chief Constable Simon Bailey, the National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC) lead for child protection and abuse investigations, examines what policing can learn from the case of Barry Bennell and allegations of abuse in football.
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