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Compensation for unlawful searches
Kent Police will pay compensation to three people unlawfully searched during the Kingsnorth ‘climate camp’ demonstration in 2008.

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The usual suspects
Investigative practice feature
Preliminary research conducted by psychologists at the University of
Leicester, in partnership with Northamptonshire Police, has found that
criminals may be identified by analysis of their own distinctive ‘local

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‘Serious concerns’ over Scottish interview technique
Investigative Practise
New research should “raise serious concerns about the quality of
investigative interviewing in Scotland,” the first evaluation of
forensic interviews with children in Scotland has concluded.

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Geometric fingerprint analysis more effective
Investigative Practise
Scientists at Penn State University have adapted ‘conformal coating
applications’ to identify fingerprints using their physical properties,
making it possible for prints to be taken in cases where most chemical
methods would fail.

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New fingermark technique adds extra dimension
Investigative Practise
It is now possible to identify details such as the diet or medication
of a suspect from their fingermarks, following the development of a new
technique to analyse prints from crime scenes.

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New digital forensics degree
Investigative Practise
A degree in digital forensics is to be run by Abertay University to
teach students how to recover deleted files and unravel coded messages
on social networking sites.

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Avalanche blamed for phishing
Investigative Practise
A single Eastern European gang has been blamed for around two-thirds of
all phishing attempts conducted in the last six months of 2009.

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House and Holmes
Investigative Practice
Detectives should be more like doctors, scientists, or even comedians, argues David Carson.

David Carson is Reader in Law and Behavioural Sciences, University of Portsmouth, and author of Professionals and the Courts (out of print)

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Ammonia sprayed at officer
general news
An off-duty police officer from Kent was sprayed in the face with ammonia when trying to apprehend a burglar.
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Closing down the pirates
Investigative practice: Operation Donets
In July, four members of a criminal network involved in a multi-million pound film piracy industry were jailed for a total of 18 years. The gang knowingly provided a ‘one-stop shop’ supply service for other criminal gangs producing and selling counterfeit DVDs in London and the South East, with international links. It was an investigative success, not just because of the major disruption the operation caused, but because those brought to justice were the enigmatic individuals operating at the top of the criminal hierarchy.
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