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Analysing the adverts
When Thames Valley Police (TVP), along with every other force in the UK, signed up to Operation Pentameter, they had no idea what to expect and were not even sure if they had a problem in the first place. It was the analyst’s job to find out. Damian Small reports.
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Targeting the top
Police operations and enforcement opportunities rely on social information and intelligence. But can a more proactive targeting be realised that can channel police attention to the top tier of criminality? Principal Analyst Clarke Sutherland, Lothian and Borders Police, believes strategic network analysis can achieve this, leading to greater disruption of crime networks and a better understanding of the criminal landscape. Damian Small reports.
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Mapping: the self-help guide
If the role of the analyst is to develop consistently throughout the UK then changes need to be supported and implemented from a local level, something has been recognised by Lancashire Constabulary. Scott Keay, Senior analyst for their Intelligence & Security Unit writes.
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Specialist or generic?
A debate exists around the roles of analysts. Some forces are taking great strides in producing specialist roles such as evidential analysts whilst some believe more generic profiles suffice. Should analysts with specialist job profiles be tasked purely for specialist responsibilities or should an analyst be omni-competent and focus on core skills? Damian Small reports.
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Spacing out crime
A ‘routine activity approach’ to studying crime explores the relationship between criminal acts and changes in the social structure. Elizabeth Groff, Senior Research Associate, Institute for Law and Justice, University of Maryland, explains how she used this theory in Seattle, Washington, USA to produce an ‘agent-based simulation model’ in relation to street robbery.
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Building less crime
The built environment is emerging as a major influencer of crime according to a team of experts who are developing a tool that will allow forces to identify areas of risk and vulnerability. Damian Small reports.
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Reducing re-offending
The GMAC (Greater Manchester Against Crime) partnership has developed analysis to understand the diversity and complexity of local communities, to deliver offender management strategies that focus upon early intervention to reduce re-offending by priority offenders. Damian Small reports.
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NightVision an audit of the night-time economy
Following the identification of alcohol related crime and disorder as an area requiring further research, Bath and North East Somerset Community Safety and Drugs Partnership and the Bath Bar Charter Group, supported by the Government Office for the South West, conducted a visual audit of incidents relating to alcohol related crime and disorder. Community Service Research Officer Jon Poole spoke to Police Professional’s Damian Small about the project.
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MAGNET: analysing and understanding gun crime
The MAGNET (Modelling Analysis of Gun Crime Networks) project is an initiative aiming to tackle gun crime. Doctor Petra Meier, School of Health and Related Research, University of Sheffield, is the Principal Investigator of the MAGNET project. She spoke to Police Professional’s Damian Small about the aims of the project.
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Allocating resources with STRATi
West Midlands Police Force has developed a Strategic Threat and Risk Assessment Index (STRATi), which enables the force to deliver the strategic allocation of resources to effectively implement Neighbourhood Policing and the Community Policing Plan. Alice O’Neill, Higher Intelligence Analyst for the National Intelligence Model Development Unit (NIMDU) within the Force Intelligence Unit spoke to Police Professional’s Damian Small about the strategic development.
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