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Kent cuts sick days by a quarter
Kent Police has reduced police officer absenteeism by 25 per cent - equivalent to three working days a year per head - as part of the well-being initiatives it has put in place since 2003.
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New appointment for City & Guilds
Chief Executive of Skills for Justice Dick Winterton has been appointed as the new managing director of the City & Guilds Awards, its awarding body.
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Awards honour women in policing
In 2007 the British Association for Women in Policing will again be recognising the contributions and achievements of women within the police service.
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British Transport Police triumphs with HR award
British Transport Police (BTP) scooped the award for diversity practice at the Public Sector People Managers’ Association (PPMA) conference in Brighton this week.
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UK ‘lacks specialist training to tackle stalking’
The UK is lagging far behind the USA in handling stalking cases, says the leader of a US police team at the forefront of tackling stalkers.
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Chancellor’s investment in skills welcomed
Skills for Justice has welcomed Chancellor Gordon Brown’s support for education and skills.
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Northumbria Police equipped for water
New training and equipment will help Northumbria Police officers go to the aid of people who get into difficulties in water.
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Public questions abilities of obese police officers
Eighty-six per cent of the British public believe an obese police officer would not be able to do their job as well as a colleague who is of normal weight.
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Support Project comes to an end
The National Police Assessment Support Project run by Skills for Justice comes to an end in April. To mark the occasion, Skills for Justice is holding a one-day conference at the National Heritage Motor Museum in Warwickshire on April 24.
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Misconduct hearing to be held in public
The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) has for the first time used the powers granted under the Police Reform Act 2002 to direct a force to hold a misconduct hearing in public.
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