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<b><i>Dave Thompson said officers<br>will receive the same service as<br>'any member of the public would<br>expect' Force works with CPS to 'get tough' with officer attackers
A chief constable will add an “additional layer of support” for police staff and officers after figures revealed almost a year of service was lost as officers recovered from their injuries last year.
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<b><i>James Vaughan (right) will likely<br>fill in for Ms Simpson while the<br>force merger talks continue</b></i> Chief constable to retire as force merger talks continue
Dorset Police has appointed a temporary chief constable while it considers merging with its neighbour after the incumbent announced her retirement.
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Over 1,500 hours saved by automatic foreign conviction requests
More than half of police forces in the UK are using an automated system to make requests for overseas criminal information more efficient.

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Officer sacked over false hospital attendance claims
A police officer has been dismissed after lying about taking his baby son to hospital appointments.
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Uber employs strategy to lock investigators out of staff computers
Taxi company Uber developed a software tool that locked investigators out of staff computers in the event of a raid to prevent law enforcement from accessing company data, it has emerged.
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<b><i>Ayoub Benhammwu Man convicted of assault on senior officer
A “moped-enabled drug dealer” is due for sentencing next month after being found guilty of kicking a borough commander until he was unconscious, and leaving him significantly injured.
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<b><i>Sadiq Khan: 'Unless we address<br>the root causes of why people<br>get into crime we will never be<br>able to make our communities<bR>safer' Sadiq Khan: Stop and search is a ‘vital tool’ for police service
London Mayor Sadiq Khan has pledged a “significant” increase in stop and search as the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) looks to crack down on the recent surge of knife crime.
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<b><i>James McDonagh: Fractured skull</b></i> Detective cleared over texting killer’s sister
An officer has been found not guilty of intending to pervert the course of justice in a case linked to a single punch killing.
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<b><i>Geting shirty: Julian Assange</b></i> Julian Assange bid for diplomatic status rejected
Julian Assange still faces the threat of arrest if he leaves the Ecuadorian embassy in London after the Foreign Office (FCO) turned down a request to grant the WikiLeaks founder diplomatic status.
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<b><i>If convicted of the 59 murders<br>Mikhail Popkov will become<br>Russia's most prolific serial killer ‘Maniac’ former officer on trial for 59 additional murders
A man nicknamed the “werewolf” could become Russia’s most prolific serial killer after confessing to a further 59 killings.
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