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Police team up with high street store to deliver counter-terror training
Counter-terror police will collaborate with one of the UK's largest retailers to develop a “ground-breaking” training package.
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<b><i>PCSIs Craig Evans and<br>Cheryl Belfield New career path for PCSOs to become investigators
Police community support investigators (PCSIs) have been introduced at Dorset Police following public feedback that the force was not responding to crimes in a “timely and efficient” manner.
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Officer who hit fleeing man with car guilty of gross misconduct
An officer who struck a man with his car saying “that’s how you deal with that” has been handed a final written warning.
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Manual deletion of custody images ‘difficult to justify’
Officers are being forced to waste resources by manually trawling through custody databases to delete people’s images, the minister for countering extremism has warned.
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<b><i>Marcus Beale was sacked<br>ten days before he planned<>to retire 'Outstanding' senior officer sacked after leaving confidential papers in his car
An assistant chief constable who had top-secret documents stolen from his personal vehicle has been dismissed with immediate effect just ten days before he was due to retire.
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<b><i>JAILED: Ahmed Alsyed will<br>spend four-and-a-half years<br>behind bars Brothers with 'hearts set' on fighting in Syria convicted under Terrorism Act
A man who used paintballing and gym sessions to prepare himself to fight with Daesh in Syria, has been sent to prison.

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<b><i>Amber Rudd: Funding will<br>play a vital role in helping<br>children protect themselves online</b></i> Almost £2.6 million invested in world-wide measures to combat child sexual exploitation
The Government has pledged nearly £2.6 million to help tackle child sexual exploitation across the globe.
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<b><i>Adrian McDonald: Officers win<br>misconduct appeal over 'lack of<br>diligence'</b></i> Officers win appeal over Taser death misconduct finding
Two officers involved in a fatal Taser incident will have written warnings struck from their records after winning a misconduct appeal.
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<b><i>Chief Constable Simon Byrne: Gross <br>misconduct hearing in Warrington</b></i> PCC’s investigation into bullying claims against chief constable ‘littered with procedural errors’, QC tells gross misconduct hearing
Lawyers have warned that proceeding against a chief constable accused of bullying staff will bring the operation of police misconduct hearings across the country into disrepute.
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Drug smuggling gang that used corrupt baggage handlers jailed for nearly 140 years
Eleven people have been jailed after officers broke up an international drug smuggling ring operating through Heathrow Airport.
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