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Scene setters
Mick Cloonan examines how the use of forensic techniques at most crime scenes can help forces achieve local and national objectives
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Phone trap

Mobile phones are no longer a criminal asset thanks to a concerted drive by the telecoms industry and faster forensic technology, reports Mat Hanrahan.

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Sampling made simple?

Prior to the enactment of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 (PACE) the concept of a ‘non-intimate’ sample did not exist. Those involved in the investigative side of serious crime will remember it was either fingerprints or blood, which would assist in the proving of criminal offences at court. The methods used to obtain the sample would either be with consent or not, and this would be commented on at court.

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Fighting fire with forensics
With cases of arson on the increase, SIOs need to maximise the untapped potential for evidence at fire scenes to increase detections, says Mick Cloonan
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Mobile DNA technique could speed up elimination of suspects by Tina Orr-Munro
Mobile DNA technology could transform the time it takes to identify a suspect from days to minutes, saving valuable police resources
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